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04-11-2005, 04:18 PM
Regina Pats Hockey Club

April 11, 2005


Regina SK ---- Eighteen-year-old forward Kyle Ross was injured in an automobile accident this past weekend outside of Vermillion, Alberta. Kyle suffered a broken back, fracturing his L-1 vertebrate and compressing his L-3 vertebrate.

Kyle's condition is not life threatening, and arrangements are being made to have him transferred to a Regina hospital.

"At a time like this hockey is way down the list of priorities. Our concern right now is to help Kyle regain his health. I spoke with Kyle this morning and he is in relatively good spirits. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kyle and his family," commented Pats' GM Brent Parker

Ross, a native of Regina was the Pats Humanitarian Of The Year in the 2004-05 season, winning the Kartusch Family Award.

Out of respect for Kyle & his family, the Regina Pats ask that all media inquiries be made directly to the Pats office. As information is obtained, it will be passed on to all appropriate parties.

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Scary stuff. Get well soon Kyle, you will be in my thoughts.

04-11-2005, 04:41 PM
All the hockey fans nation wide will have you in our thoughts.Hope you get well Kyle.

04-11-2005, 06:47 PM
Get better soon! I know everyone is thinking of you here in Regina.

04-12-2005, 02:06 PM
--- Kyle Ross Returned To Regina ---

Regina Pats Hockey Club

April 12, 2005

Regina SK ---- Last evening Regina Pats forward Kyle Ross was transported to
a Regina Hospital after being involved in an automobile accident in near
Vermilion, AB last weekend. His injuries are being assessed, and no further
information on his condition is known at this time.

Fans wishing to pass on their best wishes to Kyle can do so by emailing him
at: rosco@reginapats.com or by faxing the Pats office directly at 569-1021.

Its good to know he's back home where more family and friends can be around him. Get well soon Kyle!

04-12-2005, 06:46 PM
Hope he gets thru this Number 4. I will be thinking of him and his family as we all will be.


04-13-2005, 11:56 AM
By the sounds of it, he is going to be okay, thankfully. Its a scary thing to happen to anyone.

Friends count their blessings

By: Rob Vanstone
Regina Leader Post

April 13, 2005

Jordan McGillivray has spent the past few days fielding a torrent of telephone calls about his Regina Pats teammate and close friend, Kyle Ross.

The first call was placed by Ross -- who suffered a broken back Sunday in a car accident near Vermilion, Alta.

"He called me at 10 o'clock (Monday) morning,'' McGillivray says. "I was the first to know.

"He told me what happened and I couldn't believe it. He said, 'Jordy, I'm all mangled.' I still can't believe that something like that happens to a guy like him.''

After speaking with Ross, a shaken McGillivray headed to the Agridome and broke the bad news to Pats general manager Brent Parker.

"I was in Brent's office for a half-hour to 45 minutes,'' McGillivray says. "It's tough to talk about.''

You can tell that by listening to McGillivray, whose voice cracks while he talks about his buddy.

"As soon as he called and said what happened, right away it was the worst possible feeling in my gut,'' McGillivray says. "You're thinking, 'Oh my God . . .'

"When he said it was his back, you start thinking that he's paralysed and he won't be able to play hockey anymore. As soon as he said it was something that he could recover from, a sense of relief came across my entire body.

"Not only is he a good hockey player, but he's also amazing at everything he does. With all his talent, he should be able to use it to the full extent.''

Ross' talent is evidenced by the fact that he was the Pats' third-leading scorer during the 2004-05 WHL season.

Although the Regina-born Ross is best known as a hockey player, he is also adept at virtually any sport he tries.

On Tuesday, I spent a few minutes speaking with a gentleman who coached Ross in community basketball. The essence of the conversation was this: If Ross was able to play, the team won. If he was absent due to his many hockey commitments, well . . .

Ross is also an avid golfer. Obligations to his summer job at the Wascana Country Club had prevented him from accepting an invitation to play in the Centennial Hockey Challenge -- an Alberta-Saskatchewan hockey game which is to be held Thursday in Lloydminster.

The 18-year-old Ross did manage to sneak away to visit his sister in Edmonton on the weekend. While driving back to Regina, he fell asleep at the wheel.

The car veered off the highway and was totalled. Thankfully, Ross and two passengers emerged without life-threatening injuries.

Ross sustained a fractured L-1 vertebrae and a compressed L-3 vertebrae. Ross, who has not lost any feeling, is about to be fitted with a brace.

"Everybody on our team wants to know what's going on, so I've been getting a lot of calls,'' McGillivray says. "A lot of people in the city know that I know him so well. I've been talking about it so much.

"For something like that to happen to Rosco, it shows that it doesn't matter what type of person you are, you're not immune or untouchable.

"It hits close to home. I could have been on that trip to Edmonton.''

McGillivray was invited, but decided to remain home in Regina. He is babysitting younger siblings while his parents are out of town.

"It could have happened to me,'' McGillivray says as his voice breaks.

Like everyone who knows the personable Ross, McGillivray is so thankful that the Pats' humanitarian-of-the-year was spared a crippling or fatal injury.

"It could have been way worse,'' McGillivray says. "A few inches could have made the difference between life and death, or between him not making a full recovery.''

Ross was transferred to General Hospital on Monday. Parker planned to visit the hospital last night and give Ross many of the messages which have been e-mailed to rosco@reginapats.com and faxed to 569-1021.

Nobody knows for sure how long the recuperative process will take. However, McGillivray is certain that Ross's rate of recovery will be remarkable.

"Kyle is one of the most competitive people I've ever met,'' he says. "It doesn't matter if we're playing PlayStation2 or mini-sticks, he wants to win.

"This is another challenge for him to get over. I'm sure he's going to do it with everybody in disbelief over how fast he did it.''

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04-13-2005, 05:27 PM
Number 4 do you know this guy? cause you sure keep everybody posted on him. is he your first crush how sweet im blushing

04-13-2005, 06:17 PM
As a fan, I am concerned. Some people on this board do care what happens to the players, and it is for them that I am keeping people informed. They appreciate it.

There isnt even a point to replying to the rest of your post.

04-13-2005, 06:55 PM
I didn't even think to check this board before I posted what I did up above!!

My thoughts are with him! Here is to a speedy recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-14-2005, 04:46 PM
Thanks for the updates Number_4. Thankfully, it sounds like he'll be ok. My thoughts are with him, and I wish him good luck in his future.

04-14-2005, 05:23 PM
Thank you for the updates! i'm glad he is going to be ok and i hope he has a speedy recovery!