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05-03-2005, 10:27 AM
Congratulations Rockets and all the Rocket fans who post on whlfans. I had to take a day off after the lost before posting again. Losing in the playoffs and especially in O.T. is hard and you always think of the what ifs. After doing a lot of thinking the only thing that keeps coming back to me is that in a seven game series the team that wins usually deserves to win.

During this series there were a lot of questionable calls by the refs. Also there were four games that easily could have gone either way; three in overtime and the first game won with just over a minut left. IMHO this was a series of two very evenly matched clubs as the stats have shown us all year. Fans from both sides have made comments or excuses on their loses in the series. You have to be lucky to be good and good to be lucky.

These two teams have fought a battle all year for first place in the B.C. Division although we never played each other very often. It was always a big question in most forums and coffee room chatting. Who is the best team in BC? I think that has for me at least turned into one of the best rivaliries in all of Major Jr. hockey. The fans from both sides absolutely love their team. The are very passionate and they will defend them until the end. Then even farther defending their honour and loyalty. That's what I love about true hockey fans. Although I don't always see everything the same I know that they love their team as much as I love mine. In the end all fans want is to see their team succeed and continue the dream of getting to the finish line.

Now here is the hard part. The Rockets deserved to win the series and show that they are the best team in B.C. You could say that they had better breaks or bounces, but in the end you have to earn them. You just don't win a game on a few bounces. I think the Rockets have an awesome team and are coached very good. Every player has bought into their system. Their size on defence was a huge factor, and Webber? Well, that's all I have to say about him. I can't see Brandon or P.A. having enough to beat the Rockets, although I only got to see these teams once this year. I haven't decided if I am going to jump on the Rockets band wagon yet as that may be as hard as losing to them..lol

I will say thanks for all the good bantering over the season and continue on your dream to reach the Memorial Cup once again. You truly have a dynasty going. It was great to meet Squig and Lovin the Rockets in Cranbrook. I hope to meet again some day in the next season and would love to sit and have a drink with you. Jovo, we have had some good banter also and look forward to eventually meeting you also. Keep the faith and go for it!

05-03-2005, 11:08 AM
Losing in the playoffs and especially in O.T. is hard and you always think of the what ifs. Jovo, we have had some good banter also and look forward to eventually meeting you also. Keep the faith and go for it!
I know what you are going through Chipper, losing three in a row to Everett last year in OT was pretty brutal. I think experience was the difference in this series. Three years ago the Ice schooled the Rockets in the west final in five games, Stoll and the boys taught the Rockets alot that series.

Having gone to the last two Memorial Cups makes a big difference on and off the ice.

I also look forward to keep the good banter with you also, but there is still lots of room on the Rocket bandwagon :thumb:

05-03-2005, 11:10 AM
A class act post from a class act guy!

Look forward to the day I get to meet you and maybe the family as well!

05-03-2005, 12:43 PM
Squig and I were down for games 1 & 2 in Cranbrook and once again, the Ice Fans amaze me. Never have so many people come up to me and welcomed me to the game. Lots of questions, lots of compliments, lots of comments both for and against the Rockets but all very very friendly. The rivalry between these 2 teams just keeps building.
The local establishment that we stayed at were very accomodating to the "Enemies" and took great care of us.
I love coming to Cranbrook, meet great people, (BJ, Chipper, and a few others whose names are escaping me at this moment) are the best. The Ice team should as a whole stand up and pat each other on the back ....Oh What a series. Glass is incredible and Dawes is a pleasure to watch, although Mahovsky scares the heck out of me..(How does he keep appearing ...EVERYWHERE!!!)

The rest of the year for the Rockets is going to be a great ride. Come on and enjoy it with us folks....you guys are a class act and I can't think of any other fans I would like to have with us to cheer for the Kelowna Rockets....

Go Rockets Go !!!