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06-02-2005, 10:09 AM
My Memorial Cup Trip

So, I needed to take a few days to recover and clear my thoughts before I posted. Now that I have done this I can look back at my 10 days and express myself adequately.

Since this was my first full Memorial Cup, I realized that I am just a rookie! Many times it was hitting the 2am mark and I was hailing a cab back to my hotel room to find out the next day that the party was just beginning at that point. I will remember next year to room with people who will party like me – that way we can sleep in till noon instead of wakening first thing in the morning. Or, I will take a note from Kristi and bring ear plugs so it doesn’t matter what happens between 8am-12pm. I think I kept up pretty good with th Junior Hockey Junkies (Here after referred to as JHJ) group with my lack of sleep – lol

Many memories were made on this trip. A few that stand out are as follows:

- How great the London fans (for the most part) were. I don’t know how many people out there would give up their prime seats for a period to allow someone to sit closer to the action. This was done twice for me! Crime Dawg, Shanker, Big Daddy, Shanky Jr and Warpaint – you guys all ROCK! GK - nice to meet you finally and thanks for the kind words!
- Ted Nolan and the group from Moncton sitting behind me asking every game about my antics the night before. And telling me that I HAD to go to Moncton next year and bring the funky hat. Little does Mr. Nolan know that I am going to take him up on his offer to wear/get a Wildcats jersey from him!
- Seeing Reagan drunk and doing here “dream of genie” impression – I am surprised you didn’t end up in traction girl – lol. Thanks for being my sounding board and shoulder!
- The East Coast boys (JHJ) and their antics – d@mn you guys made me laugh! Maybe next year I will get that lap dance bought for me at the ballet.
- The kids that flocked to Santa (JHJ) everywhere he went and he took the time, every time, to say something (and maybe give something) to them.
- The amazing smoke meat sandwich I had at Uncle Vinnies (I think that was the place but my drunken stupor at the time may have miss led me).
- Kinger and Chris (JHJ) – man you guys know your hockey! You show that Americans are not just about baseball and football!
- Hacks (JHJ) friend TJ (I think that was his name – my bad if not) and his crazy dances! Glad I got to meet you and I will always remember the broken hip dance!
- Showing my rockets to get a PEI Rocket shirt from that guy.
- Janine and I realizing over bad service and raw chicken (what is it with London not being able to cook chicken right? – lol) that we were done like dirt after 10 days. Girl – you kept in there with the JHJ boys with your hockey knowledge! You may not party hard but you party well!

I could go on for ever and ever! It was an amazing time and a huge thank you to the Junior Hockey Junkies and all known associates for making the trip worth it! I know I was a “tad” pissy about certain things out of my control but next year will be better!

How many days till Moncton?

06-02-2005, 01:34 PM
- Seeing Reagan drunk and doing here “dream of genie” impression – I am surprised you didn’t end up in traction girl – lol.
Was Reagan wearing her Sunderman jersey at the time? We'll have to get her to do it again next season, sounds pretty funny. :laugh:

06-03-2005, 05:28 PM
So nice to hear you enjoying it.

And the JHJ are great ambassadors to the game.

Hopefully, when it is the Dub's turn to host the big tournament, we could get alot of the whlfans together.

That would be...