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08-24-2005, 06:30 PM
Pats main training camp opens Aug.31, with registration at the 'dome (okay, Brandt Center, but it will always be known as the 'dome to me), with the actual camp being at the Lumsden Arena. Training camp concludes on Aug.6 with the annual Blue and White game. I'm assuming that game starts at 7:00 pm, I cant find any time for sure yet. The pats website is kinda still under construction. I hope I will see some of you at the game.

Now any predictions for this year? After last year, it can only get better (I hope). Jordan McGillvray should be named captain, the assistants Kyle Deck and perhaps Kyle Ross if he makes it back for the start of the season. Goaltending may be a question mark, with there not exactly being a clear cut starter, however, I think Ryan Nieszner should make the cut, either as the back-up or perhaps sharing time as a starter. Offense I cant really comment on until the final roster is secured. Defense should be stronger, with more experiance. Once again, the pats have a whole crapload of rookies looking to make the cut, and some of them have quite a bit of skill, yet its questionable if they can make the jump. What may make or break this team is whether or not the vets can look past last year and have a stellar year.

My take on who *should* make the team for sure, not including rookies,

defence: Schira, Ross (if healthy), Pyett, Reinhart, Lineker, Deck
Goal: this is a tough one, Neiszner for sure, Ward if a o/a spot is open, other wise Reekie again
Forwards: McGillvray, Duval, Berhart, McDonald, Mosewich, Nason/Fudar (depends if the Pats want two tough guys or not), and Festerling

Any thoughts?

08-25-2005, 03:30 AM
My Opinion...

I think there are 4 goalies that have a chance to make the Pats:

Nathan Heinen
Ryan Neiszner
David Reekie
Linden Rowat

All depending on how camp shapes up I would suggest Heinen starts with the Pats keeping Neiszner and Reekie as 2nd and 3rd string (no order there) and sending Rowat back to play Midget. And try to trade Neiszner or Reekie.

If Heinen isn't able to take the reigns, Reekie starts and Neiszner is backup with Rowat playing Midget.

I seriously don't see Ward making any kind of run at an O/A spot. Let the younger guys play and stick with them (all things considered Heinen is 19).

Rowat looked very impressive at rookie camp back in the spring and might claim a spot as a 16 year old rookie.

The Pats 2 2005 Bantam drafted goalies Jeff Bosch and Matt D'Orazio looked really good at spring camp and maybe will go with a younger starter and ease the kids into the WHL.

All this said and only time will tell.

08-25-2005, 04:29 AM
I expect the buleline to be anchored by veterans Kyle Deck, Logan Pyett, Craig Schira and Derek Reinhart. Will make the team.

With the other spots being contested by "veterans" Craig Lineker, Andy Schenn, Curtis Patterson and Isaac Smeltzer.

Mix in rookies Nick Ross, Matt Delehay and Matt MacDermott the middle four might be in for a battle.

Lineker, Schenn, Patterson, Smeltzer, Ross, Delehay and MacDermott will in all likelyhood be fighting for 3 or 4 spots depending on how many defensemen the Pats go with in 2005-06.

I think the Pats might be willing to deal one or two d-men to open up room for Colten Teubert for the future.

That's just my opinion,

08-25-2005, 04:53 AM
This is another story...
Losing Kyle Ross to his back injury (apparently until Christmas or there bouts) really puts a damper on the Pats leadership. That must be why Brent Parker went out and got Garret Festerling from the Winterhawks, it has been said he is a team 'rah-rah' kind of guy.

The Pats also picked up some 'size' (6' 212 lbs.) from Portland with the aquisition of Shane Halifax should be an interesting battle for team tough guy with Jordan Fuder. Both are 19 and the Pats might only keep 1 of them.

Matt Robinson is supposed to bring in some offence to the Pats' attack. Hopefully he can have a decent season for the Pats, and try to fill the void left by Hill and Rypien.

Ian Duval, Justin Bernhardt, Ryan McDonald & Preston Mosewich are all a year older and hopefully they will have a larger roll on the team this season.

Scott Brownlee, Levi Lind & Brett Leffler (only 15 last year) played bit parts last year but should be able to make the step into the WHL and play some serious minutes. Jovan Matic looked like a man possesed one game and wasn't even noticed the next game. Hopefully Hunt will give him some ice time and maybe he will turn into a really decent forward (he is big too).

Then there are the Import picks Petr Kalus (supposed to come and play for Regina), Martin Hanzal and Anze Kopitar. Adding Kalus will be good for the team as he is apparently a highly skilled player with tons of upside. If the Pats can add either Kopitar or Hanzal it would give the Pats a bonafide scoring threat with International credentials. My fingers are crossed...

The 16 year old situation: Leffler is almost guaranteed a spot but other than that it can be up in the air... Chris Santiago, Trent Rumpel & Jason MacDonald all could step in and fight for a spot. A kid named Clinton Lucier (also 16) looked good in Spring camp. So very hard to say.

Making it... My Opinion...

Duval, Bernhardt, Festerling, Robinson McGillivray, Halifax/Fuder, Leffler, Lind, Matic, McDonald, Mosewich, Ross (when he is healthy)...

The rest is up in the air. But thats my take on things...

08-25-2005, 09:34 AM
I think that Nieszner is ready for the WHL. Rowat is not far behind, but because he is 16 I would like to see him play another year of bantum (where he will get to play).
A heathly Schenn will give the Pats some size and a nasty streak on the back end. They need it. Pyett and Schira will be a year older and in Pyett's case have had some good growing experences over the summer. I think that Linekar, Schmeltzer, and Patterson are going to be in tough.
Up front, McDonald, Duval, and Mosewich have to be better (although I really like what Moosie brings to the rink every day). A healthy Bernhardt will help. Lind's size will be a benefit, I would not be surprised to see O'Dwyer back. He had a decent year in the AJHL and they need some size up front. I can also see Derek Hulak making this team. Great year with the Contacts. I would love to see Jordan Baker in camp, but that is not going to happen, so I will have to park that idea. Robinson has to be a 30 goal guy and the European has to be an impact player (60 points would be nice).
The scouting staff have to start beating the bushes and come up with another Matt Hubbauer. Over all, I don't think that the team can be as bad as last year. The defense will be better, the offense will be deeper and the goaltending should be consistant. Although, I think it will be another year out of the playoffs, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Now we have the X factor. That is the influence that could divide the team, create bad Karma, or distroy the base of talent by thinking he is a GM. And that would be Parker.