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08-26-2005, 01:00 PM
Just got done a tour of the Newly Reno-ed Dressing room for the Rebs and I could pretty much sum it up in one word....WOW!!!

As you enter into the dressing room there is about a 15x15 room with cupbords and cabinets where the boys can get out of their suits and and hang them there so they wont get dirty in the main dressing room.

Also in that room is a 20 inch TV / VCR. The Video Feed from the game tape is also piped downstairs now so every TV in the Dressing Room can have the live game going on for anyone who is in the dressing room durring the game.

When you continue through that entry room, you come to a hallway. if you go straight, you are on your way to the Showers, Steam room, and Stainless Steel 1-man Hot Tub, and all the hallways are all tiled so when it needs cleaning they can just take the pressure washer to the walls and they are done.

If you turn right from the entry room, there is a fully decked out wieght room, complete with a 60 inch LCD Television and speakers in the ceiling.

If you continue through that room, there is the assistants office, where all the video editing and confrencing takes place. There is a spot for all 3 assistants there, and a window into Brent Sutters office, Which is about 10x10 and has an awesome framed picture from the NHLPA with pictures of brent over his years in the NHL with all the different teams he played for and on the bottom is a timeline of his career. Pretty Damn Sweet.

In between the Shower Hallway and the Coaches office is the main Dressing Room Area. it is a room that is about 80 x 30 and has the Red Carpet in the Middle with (soon to be) the rebels logo in the middle. at the one end is a projector with about a 100 inch screen for reviewing video. In a funny note, durring our tour of the dressing room they had the video of the Canada Cup on the Projector and just as we were being shown the Video, Brent Sutter got a penalty for holding. He claimed it was a dive.

Further down the hallway is the trainers area, complete with a therapy room with 2 massage tables, An office for Radar and Terrance, and a workroom for sharpening Skates, and repairing Equipment.

All the cabinets and cupboards in the room are maple and the walls are all grey or light blue. There are many Rebels Logos on the walls, some colored into the granite tile on wall, and others made out of stainless steel.

All in all it is something to see. And when Marc Crawford, Coach of the Vancouver Canucks, is on the tour with you and he tells you that the dressing room is far nicer than what he has in Vancouver, you know it is something special.

08-26-2005, 01:35 PM
it beats the wheatkings, we havnt had our dressing room redone since the mid ninties

08-26-2005, 05:35 PM
I'm sorry that I missed seeing that. I showed up at midday and the tour was at 11:30am. Darnit!

Rebel Madness thought that he noticed Marc Crawford so that just confirms it. His kid is at camp though so it shouldn't be that surprising I guess.

08-28-2005, 05:35 PM
hey when was this viewing of the dressing room!!! i would like to see that

08-28-2005, 07:16 PM
Would love to see this sounds great just like there new bus new dressing room sounds fantastic when someone knows let us know when we can veiw this room