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08-31-2005, 04:08 PM
As listed in today's Leader Post:

Bosch, Jeff- 15- Saskatoon
Carder, Chad- 16- Calgary
D'Orazio, Matt- 15- Moosomin
Friesen, Mark- 15- Winkler, Man
Kerpan, Ryan-16- Saskatoon
Rowat, Linden- 16- Cochrane Alb

Bickerton, Tony- 16- Brandon
Bzdel, Andrew-16- Bankend
Cotterill, Dru- 15-Spruce Grove
Delahey, Matt- 16- Moose Jaw
Kulcher, Curtis- 15- Martensville
Laczko, Lewis-16- St. Brieux
McGauley, Ty- 15- Wilcox
Potts, Joseph- 16- Hobbema, Alb
Ross, Nick- 16- Lethbridge
Sawororski, Landon- 15- Spring Valley
Schnieder, Stefan- 16, Vernon, BC
Teubert, Colten- 15, Surrey BC
Tomlinson, Malcom 16, Irma, Alb
Williams, Michael- 16- Lang
Wright, Jeff- 16- Calgary

Bly, Rhett- 16- Regina
Brodziak, Michael- 15- Regina Beach
Daoust, Lucas- 16, Vernon, BC
Dixon, Brady- 16- Regina
Finch, Brady- 15- Regina
Fotheringham, Jamie- 15-Reston, MB
Hoogenboom, Brandon- 16- Nanton, AB
Hulak, Derek- 16- Saskatoon
Johnson, Zack- 15- Regina
Kindzierski, Jade- 16- Winnipeg
Leffler, Brett- 16- Wynyard
Lucier, Clinton- 16- Winnipeg
MacDonald, Jason- 16- Calgary
Metz, Brayden- 15- Regina
Murray, Jake- 15- Regina
Raedeke, Brent- 15- Regina
Rumpel, Tyler- 16, Wadena
Sinclair, Tyrell- 15- Punnichy
St.Denis, Kyle- 15- Trail, BC
Stinton, Mike- 16- Calgary
Strueby, Matt- 16- Regina

Rookie Camp workouts are tonite (Wed.) at 7pm and 8:15pm at the Lumsden Arena. Rookie Camp runs till Friday, with the main camp starting Saturday.

08-31-2005, 04:36 PM
Hey Number 4: Keep your eye on Jeff Wright. He is family and stopped in Swift Current to say hi on his way. He fully expects to return to Calgary, but let me know how he is doing.


08-31-2005, 09:58 PM
Scout: can do. I wasnt able to make it tonite (was sucking up to my grandparents- always a good thing when tuition comes due), but a group of us are heading out tomorrow. I'll keep you posted if I notice anything.

09-01-2005, 12:56 AM
Think you could let us know how the goaltenders look? That's where I'm worried this year. I know there are talented guys, I just don't know that they're ready to take that step yet. Neiszner maybe but I've said before that he needs someone he can learn from and I don't think Reekie is it right now. Here's hoping!

And how about Colten Teubert? Does he look to be as good as they say?

09-01-2005, 09:58 PM
I drove out to Lumsden for a bit tonite. The few things that I noticed:

The players just had numbers on the backs of their jersey's and for whatever reason, this year they were not passing out sheets with the rosters on them. So, keeping this in mind, Scout, unless Jeff Wright is one of the three or so really strong skaters, or the few players that werent afraid of throwing around some weight, I didnt know which one was him. I was talking to some parents to get names, but most of them had no clue beyond their child.

The one player that really stood out was Colten Teubert. ALL the parents pointed him out (needlessly). He really stood out. He was ahead of all the others, and I'm not kidding here. The kid was all over. If he choses to stay, he will be a real treat to watch. Other than him, I really noticed #'s 11 on both the blue and the white teams, plus #'s 18 (scored a nice goal) and 19 on the white team. All have really good potential.

Goaltenders... well there is room for growth. There are six in camp, I only saw 4 play. Of all those, the strongest IMO was the shortest one. I threw out the Leader Post with the roster on it, so I cant tell which player it was. There wasnt really any single goalie that stood out, the other three seemed kinda shakey still, although they were still stopping the puck.

09-01-2005, 10:34 PM
Names to go with the numbers...

Blue #11 Derek Hulak
White #11 Trent Rumpel
White #18 Brett Leffler
White #19 Lucas Daoust

I'm not sure which goalie you are speaking of but...
#30 Matt D'Orazio (Blue)
#31 Ryan Kerpan (Blue)
#33 Linden Rowat (Blue)
#40 Jeff Bosch (White)
#41 Mark Friesen (White)
#45 Chad Carder (White) [this kid is tiny, he started for White and shut the door on at least 10-15 decent scoring chances]

I have been to both scrimmages and other than the players that were mentioned: Kyle St. Denis (Mini #15 on Blue) is a very skilled and very competitive player, he has been all over the ice in both scrimmages.
Nick Ross (#3 Blue) has been impressive. Brayden Metz (#15 White) hardly lost a faceoff he took, has got some skill for sure. Best goalie has been Linden Rowat, looks poised and ready to come to main Camp and make a run at a spot on the Pats. Chad Carder is amazing for his size, Listed as 5'8 which is highlt unlikely, maybe 5'5 but this kid is amazing from what I've seen.

Jeff Wright has looked alright, hasn't made any real bad mistakes or anything like that, has been throwing his weight around a bit. I really don't expect him to make it to the main camp but I'm not the scouts or the coaching staff. Definitely a good prospect but I don't think he's quite ready.

I will have more to say tomorrow...

09-02-2005, 07:02 AM
Thanks for the update. Jeff doesn't expect to make the blueline as he is only 16 and expects to be with the Buffaloes again this year.


09-02-2005, 07:13 AM
Oops.. #11 Blue is Jason MacDonald. Derek Hulak is #10 Blue.

09-02-2005, 04:58 PM
Wow, thanks Kevin. Its great that someone knows names and numbers. lol. The goalie I meant was Chad Carder. I would agree with you, he is about 5'5". I'm not too sure about your assessment of Linden Rowat, tho. He looked shakey, and last night in the first scrimage, he did let 4 or 5 shots in (or at least I'm pretty sure it was him, I remember thinking #33, yet another Patrick Roy worshiper). I'll be out there again on Saturday. Send me a pm, maybe we can get together.

09-02-2005, 05:17 PM
After watching today's scrimmages some thoughts...

Ian Duval and Matt MacDermott dressed for Blue and Ryan McDonald and Justin Bernhardt dressed for White. They were the best players out there, some of the rookies looked tired or that they just wanted to go home.

Linden Rowat might not have been the best last evening but throught the full 4 scrimmages he is by far their best goalie prospect. Jeff Bosch and Matt D'Orazio both looked good today and might get the invite to main camp. Chad Carder looked shaky at times today but for his size is very impressive. Ryan Kerpan and Mark Friesen were good but need more seasoning in Midget.

Other that the guys mentioned earlier in this message and previous notes, players that were impressive today:

#7 White Curtis Kulacher (spelling) was by far the best d-man today. Amazing in his own end and wasn't afraid to rush when needed. Next year territory.

Both Michael Williams (#4 blue) and Jeff Wright(#5 white) were playing the physical game to perfection. Either one hardly made mistakes and seemed comfortable on the ice.

Matt Delahey (#2 white) has improved from scrimmage 1 to the end Rookie camp and looked like a can't miss to challenge for a d-spot with Nick Ross.

Brett Leffler again was top notch throwing his weight around and getting some nice scoring chances.

My thoughts for players invited to Main Camp: Trent Rumpel, Brayden Metz, Brett Leffler, Matt Delahey, Jeff Wright, Stefan Schneider, Curtis Kulacher, Derek Hulak, Jason MacDonald, Kyle St. Denis, Nick Ross, Michael Williams and of course Colten Teubert.


09-02-2005, 08:18 PM
He is not a rookie but he was released from the Blades a few days ago and I was wondering if he will be at the main camp, he just did not look like he was a good fit in saskatoon, I hope he does better in Regina.