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11-14-2005, 08:18 AM
On NL radio this morning they said that Reid has a dislocated jaw and will be out a min. of 4 weeks and max of 8, they said it came from an elbow from Paul Albers, and will be talking to the whl today about it. the interesting part about this is in todays Daily News it says the hit was by Chad Scharff, so somebody has to get there story right here. :confused:

11-14-2005, 11:38 AM
Well, I watched the archive and Jorgenson did take a pretty big hit from Albers at the end of the 1st, but there was no elbow. Reid did have his head down a bit looking for the puck, and Albers came across and caught him with his shoulder, knocking him down.

If that was the play that dislocated his jaw, I am a bit shocked as Reid, didnt even grab his jaw, or look in any kind of pain about it all. He just got up and skated off after the hit. It must have been the play since he didnt come back to start the second, and this was with about 10 seconds left. Kamloops commentator just called it a big hit - no mention from him about an elbow during the play either.

He did take another big hit late in the first with about 4 mins left, from Flatters - but I doubt he could have kept playing with a seperated jaw after that hit.

Hopefully he will be ok, and be back soon.

11-15-2005, 02:32 AM
Well 1-2 months isn't soon! But I heard on NL news today that the blazers have sent in the video. They are calling it a questionable 'shoulder' to the head. (Head Shot) So the team isn't calling it an elbow either. They are also sending in tape about the whole Slade thing, what a :turkey: that guy is. (just like Ribeiro)

11-15-2005, 07:53 AM
After reading the discussion on the Jorgensen hit, I went to the game archives and watched it. From my view, which is impartial by the way, I think Albers was just trying to line him up with a good shoulder check and Jorgensen put his head down to catch the pass. Albers almost missed him falling himself. There was no elbow, and although he caught him on chin I can't see any intent as if you check the PIMS Albers is not a hitter or even a penalty taker(only 4 mins this year, 48 last year, 51 before that). I think this injury, as unfortunate as it is, falls into the unlucky/unintentional category.

11-18-2005, 08:21 PM
by Gregg Drinnan Kamloopsdailynews

While Kamloops was battling the Tri-City Americans in Kennewick, Wash., on Thursday night, the Blazers’ captain was in front of a computer in White Rock.

Reid Jorgensen, his broken jaw wired shut, took in the game via the Internet at his family’s home in White Rock. He is recuperating there after being injured late in the first period of Saturday’s 6-1 loss to the visiting Vancouver Giants.

“It’s been better … I’m kind of getting used to it now,” Jorgensen said Thursday, speaking quite well all things considered. “It’s a little hard but it’s not bad.”

Jorgensen said he knew immediately upon being hit by Vancouver defenceman Paul Albers that something was wrong.

“I had a feeling,” said Jorgensen, a 19-year-old in his fourth season with the Blazers. “He kind of blindsided me and I knew it was an elbow, just the way it hit me right in that one spot.

“I had a feeling that something wasn’t right when my teeth couldn’t touch down together any place.”

Jorgensen left the game immediately and was taken to hospital for X-rays. The first X-rays didn’t show a fracture so he got up Sunday morning, went to the Blazers’ Blueliner Club breakfast and made his usual good impression on the youngsters. Little did the young fans know, however, that the captain wasn’t feeling on top of the world.

“I went to the breakfast thing and it was bothering me,” Jorgensen admitted. “I couldn’t chew or do anything with my food. It was painful but it had kind of settled down a bit. It wasn’t like a throbbing pain and I was thinking it was just bruised and a little swollen.”

Jorgensen went to see trainer Colin (Toledo) Robinson and ended up going for more X-rays. This time the break was found.

Jorgensen headed for Vancouver on Monday and got in to see Dr. William MacDonald, who earlier in the month had worked on Vancouver Canucks forward Matt Cooke’s broken jaw.

“We looked at some options,” Jorgensen said.

Basically, that meant wiring the jaw shut or repairing it surgically.

“He didn’t think (surgery) was the best plan because there are a lot of things that can go wrong,” Jorgensen said, mentioning nerves, facial muscles and the “thin bone that is hard to put screws in.”

Jorgensen said Dr. MacDonald told him that wiring the jaw shut “should realign it and help the bone heal. He thought it might be stronger in the end if I did it that way.”

Which is how Jorgensen came to walk out of the doctor’s office with his jaw wired shut.

Jorgensen battled shoulder injuries early in his career but played 62 and 72 regular-season games as a freshman and sophomore. Last season, a severe groin injury cut into the early portion of his season, costing him 21 games. While he was out with that injury, he would look at the schedule and set a target date for a return. When that didn’t work out, he would set another one … and another …

He won’t be doing that this time.

“It’s just one of those things … with my groin last year I set certain dates and they weren’t realistic,” Jorgensen said. “This is one of those things. It’s a bone, so it’s healing, X-rays, how it’s healing … I honestly have no idea (when I’ll be back).”

Through it all, the spectre of Vancouver defenceman Marc Fistric hovers in the back of Jorgensen’s mind. Fistric suffered a broken jaw early last season, returned to action and promptly broke it again.

“Fistric came back early and he was hurt again,” Jorgensen said. “I don’t want to go through that.”

Should Jorgensen return in mid-January, he will have missed around 20 games.

Jorgensen plans on staying at home through this week and returning to Kamloops perhaps on Sunday, in time to watch his teammates play host to the Kelowna Rockets that evening.

It’s just too bad that he can’t enjoy his mom’s home cooking.

“I’m doing soups, protein shakes … those types of things,” the 5-foot-10, 180-pound Jorgensen said, pointing out that mashed potatoes are too thick for him to eat at this point. “I’m going to lose weight no matter what but I’m trying to limit it.”

Jorgensen has 18 points, including 11 goals, in 23 games. He had a six-game point streak snapped when his jaw broke.