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01-31-2005, 11:07 PM
I am hoping to generate alittle more discussion in our hitmen forum so I thought I would pose these questions to everyone.
1. Who is your all-time favorite Hitmen player?
2. Who is your current favorite Hitmen player? And why?
3. Who is the most under-rated Hitmen player?
4. Who has been the unsung hero for the Hitmen this season?
5. Will Pogge carry this team past the first round of the playoffs?

02-01-2005, 08:49 AM
1. Brent Dodginghorse. His intensity and attitude allowed him to get drafted, though he was never had pro potential.

2. Steve Covington. One of the few Hitmen who give 100% every night out.

3. Kinda hard to underrate this bunch. Dustin Kohn is often a lot more effective that I expect though.

4. The rookies. All of them. They've been called upon to play key roles all year because of injuries.

5. Only if we play Red Deer. I dont think anyone can get us past Medicine Hat or Lethbridge at this point.

02-01-2005, 11:02 AM
1. I'm not sure who my favorite Hitmen of all time is. I have several guys that come to mind...Krahn, Beech, Moran, Rod Sarich, Segal.

2. Ryan Getzlaf is my current favorite Hitmen player. Although his on ice performance has been less then adequate so this season imo.

3. I agree Dustin Kohn has come along way this season, and is quietly having a good year on the backend.

4. Brodie DuPont and Riley Merkley are the unsung heros this season.

5. Pogge will only lead this team past the first round if everyone is healthy. If they have numerous injuries then I think they would lose out in the first round. I really do not want them to face the Tigers, the Tigers seem to have the Hitmens number this season. I think the Canes are ready to be upset in the first round.

02-01-2005, 01:04 PM
1. Who is your all-time favorite Hitmen player?
Having not been a die-hard until last season, it's hard to remember how the guys played past that. I think I would have to go with Brad Moran. Hearing about how good he was with the community and seeing him playing in Syracuse now shows how the junior game did him a whole lot of good.

2. Who is your current favorite Hitmen player? And why?
Konstantin Pushkarev. It's amazing to watch him play and create his own space. He's not as well know as guys like Ladd and Getzlaf, but he will be soon enough. Especially after the winter break, he's seen the ice a lot better and been able to not only score, but distribute the puck as well. Also, Danny Spence, but that's just an inside thing.

3. Who is the most under-rated Hitmen player?
Shaun Landolt. Here's a guy who plays a lot like a Jeff Shantz role as a hardcore forechecker and grinder, but he can also play the point on the extra man and win a lot of key face offs.

4. Who has been the unsung hero for the Hitmen this season?
Steve Covington. He's not the flashy, he's not that big name for the people to recognize, but he puts his hardhat on game-in and game-out and often takes the hit to make the play or be first to the puck to kill off some clock. Also, you have to say the rookies because plenty of them (Ryan White at the top) having contributed greatly to the team and will hopefully continue to do so down the road.

5. Will Pogge carry this team past the first round of the playoffs?
If they have a healthy defencive core. I have the utmost respect for Pogge and I have faith in him, but unless they get a full slate of defenceman back, they're dead in the water. You can only rely on the goalie for so long before you realize that he's only human and needs some help back there.

02-01-2005, 01:50 PM

TIE -- Brandon Segal and Brad Moran.


Brodie Dupont. Rookie was getting fourth line ice time to start the year, and is now getting second unit power play unit time and is currently on the second line. Looking forward to watching him as a 19 yr old on this team.


Karl Alzner. Rookie D-man. Positionally very sound and very calm out there. Only thing he needs to seriously develop is a shot from the point. The rest will come in time.


All of our rookies. Not only aren't they collapsing under the pressure of more ice team and carrying the load offensively, they are beginning to thrive with it. Fun team to watch next couple of years with the rookies on this team.


As long as everyone is healthy going into the playoffs, they can take anyone.


Everyone needs to be healthy, Ladd needs to get over the worlds, and Getzlaf needs to play like he did there.


02-01-2005, 09:45 PM
1. Start with the originals-Moran and Kinch then throw in Krahn, Doginghorse Sjostrom and of course PEAT- toughest of the tough.
2. Favorite now is White and Kohn. Great future with those two.
3. Most underrated would be Alzner and Dansereau. Great 16 yr olds who play both end of the ice.
4. Playoff hero could very will be Merkley. Developing very well. and throw in hise two wingers- Keegan and Moose.
5. I think Pogge will be able to win the first round by himself. With some offense and toughness the team could go far. :rolleyes:

02-01-2005, 11:48 PM
Peatfan, thanks for reminding me about Sjostrom...he was a very exciting player to watch.