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12-18-2005, 11:39 AM
Ryan McDonald has been 1 of our top players in his 1st two games back with the pats.....if he can keep up this play Hunt, Parker and Ripplinger will have a tough choice to to send down once Kalus and Tolpeko return.....sure he isnt scoring but really which 1 of our rookies is scoring McDonald brings alot to this team.....1st hes a vetern guy (having played last season) hes a pest on the ice gets under the oppositions skin (him and Fuder r the only guys we have that do that) hes a fast skater and also has some good hands (just has problems scoring into a open net) u have to remember though how many 17 yr olds do score alot in this league the pressure gets to them

all in all though so far (2 games) McDonald has been 1 of our best players on the ice..and also since his return Duval has really played well if u can bring in 1 guy have him play good and also set a fire under another guy u have to keep that player up

12-19-2005, 06:34 AM
He hasn't played bad and I wouldn't mind him sticking around but not if it keeps a guy like Leffler out of the lineup, I think he fills the agitator role pretty well too as he throws some big hits and definately gets under the oppositions skin. Guys like Ermel and Jason MacDonald could go though, I haven't been impressed at all with Ermel and I don't think MacDonald is as ready for the physical side of the game as the other 16yr olds (Ross & Leffler).

12-19-2005, 09:32 AM
Ryan has done his job. To state that he was one of the best Pat players is really over estimating his role and underestimating the role of Robinson, Festerling, Ross and Deck. The Pats have played well as a TEAM. No one player sticks out. McDonald has played well, well enough to get another look. But, again they need him to score, and he doesn't seem able to fill that role.
As for Jason MacDonald. I think he is coming along fine. He is 16 and made a huge jump from midget double A to the WHL (the other 16 year olds were playing triple A). Christmas is always the turning point for the rookies. I would expect that MacDonald, Leffler, and Lind are going to come back with some confidence and contribute more in the new year.