View Full Version : Your thoughts??

12-19-2005, 04:31 PM
What are your thoughts,opinions on the first half Performance and also the first half the Blades season? What do think will happen at the start of the second half,with both of the Imports hopefully making the cut and playing for their respective countries the World Junior's. Now that I finally know that the trade deadline is on Jan 10th,what do you think will be done? Will Lorne Molleken fill the final 20 year old spot? I think that very few if any trades will involve forwards. I think that the focus should probably be on upgrading the defence. I think it would sure help if a 20 year old defencemen was brought in. It is hard to predict what will be done in terms of roster movement at this point. Lorne Molleken knows what needs to be done, I hope that he will not hold back,(if the trade is the right one)

wango tango
12-20-2005, 11:23 AM
first half. goaltending especially khudobin was inconsistent. defense was exposed on the nights they played top teams. forwards are as good as any group in the league when they play hard for a full 60. if this team wants to be considered elite they're going to have to start beating teams with records as good as theirs or better on a regular basis.

have heard there was a big deal on the table, unfortunately the other side demanded more and it ended up killing the deal because it went unrealistic.

i'd expect the defense to be shaken up. and more offensive punch added to the forwards.