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12-30-2005, 10:45 PM
i am no longer stressing that we need to get another defencemen after wacthing the game against swift current on the net and now tonight against lethbridge both game there was a real soft goal (1 being late in the game against SC and the other being late in the 2nd) it lets a team down especially after battling hard out-shooting/out playing each team.....reekie is not a #1 goalie he is really inconsisent and rowat being 16 isnt realiable even as a backup.......

we finally have a team that is working hard every night and getting scoring from a handful of players but our goaltending lets us down time after time...
y is it when the pats have a goaltender we have no 1 else on the team..or when we have some scoring punch we have no goaltending...prime example is in the memorial cup in 2001 had the scoring and the defence there but a goaltender that couldnt catch a cold..... i just wish we could put it all together in a season where we can be a dominate team......

good luck pats in red deer and medicine hat going to need the goaltending in those games hopfully they come to play

12-30-2005, 11:51 PM
Tonight's game in Lethbridge was one of the worst games I've seen in a while. Of the 9 goals scored exactly 0 of them were what anyone would consider a good goal. Broken plays, giveaways, screens and bad angle shots dominated this one. The Pats keepers weren't very strong tonight, but they weren't given much help.

12-31-2005, 11:31 AM
You had Slade. I know him and Parker didn't get along, but maybe the guy that left should have been Parker!

12-31-2005, 11:25 PM
would the pats be interested in mike nichol? we havnt traded dim yet, he is dependable and came up big for us in the playoffs last year when he was called upon, he is consistent, and puts up ok numbers, plus he is a 19

12-31-2005, 11:58 PM
as for the slade thing his teammates here didnt like him 1 of the main reasons y they didnt stand up for him on the ice.....thats y he had to stand up for himself....slade was voted off the pats it had nothing to do with parker...parker liked slade liked slade so much that parker put slade through to get his pilots license......

but i totally agree with the slade thing yes we did have slade a quality goalie but had no team infront of him last season

and not sure about mike nicole....my dad heard (this afternnon)from a pats scource (cant mention name) that kamloops has contacted the pats with dubnyck as bait but kamloops wants duval and 1 of our young defence and parker doesnt really want to part with either duval or any of our young defencemen......

lots of scouts that attend pats games here say the pats have a load of talent with there youth and will be a dominate force most likely nexted season and years to come also (as long as they dont trade away alot of youth for a soild run in a playoff)

anyways enough of this the pats will probably be only 1 game above .500 when there road trip is done with maybe that will make parker think more about getting a goaltender cuz what we have doesnt cut it in this league to be a contender....