View Full Version : Trade Dealine Grades

01-08-2006, 05:19 PM
Here are the pre-deadline grades for the Blazer players:

A+: Dubnyk: what can be said. Classy Team Canada guy & future NHLer. he brings it.
A: Jorgensen: best overall player but has been out with injury; when healthy, plays great hockey & could still get 20+ goals.
A: Nixon: has had a super season thus far; continues to be hardest working & most consistent forward; has looked best on 3rd line role.
B+: Macias: without question, another player who has talent plus; but must be going crazy given how he has been used? forward? dman? who knows?
B+: Kassian: most physical & punishing player; another probable NHLer; was generating offense early; can't figure why he's in such a limited role.
B: Bender: improved a lot this year; much more consistent in clearing the front of the net; needs to really stop taking selfish bad penalties.
B: Tesliuk: overall, much more solid defensively & less giveaways; russian players can & do improve with time.
B-: Bartley: has had an up down year; needs to play consistently along the boards and in his own end; should only get better.
B-: Rome: new veteran with obvious talent; has been very undisciplined; also with extremely weak play when he doesn’t have the puck.
B-: Hayman: hard worker who, when healthy, was solid 3rd line centre & pk guy.
B-Eisenkirch: has shown he belongs; very consistent & has made the most of his opportunity.
B-Maniago: has definitely grown up as a goalie & shown he belongs. Should only improve with more playing time
C+: Mullock: brings it most nights; however in reality is a third line player who won’t get any better; his BCHL roots often show.
C+: Delaronde: inconsistent year; terrible at the start with dumb-dumb play & penalties but has been better last month; hope it continues
C+: Ellerby: started out with a lot of confidence & aggression but has looked lost lately; he will need to regain his focus & physical play.
C: Steinmann: good defensive player & skater with one problem: he can't score; not good news for a projected 2nd line centre who has played PP & lots of TOI.
C: Stretch: best of the small rookie forwards but not top line material yet
C: Dunstall: 2nd best small rookie forward who needs to earn his spurs.
C: Skrudland: big rookie forward who has potential down the road
C: Thiessen: rookie d who has potential.
C: Mason: another small rookie forward; needs to learn on ice discipline
D: White: should have stayed in the AJHL; small with no real dominant skill
D: Chorneyko: first he was in dub, then he wasn’t, then he was; a 4th line forward.
F: Guiterrez: perimeter player; hard to see why he logs 18-20 TOI per night.

Power Play: F- one of the league’s worst; needs an extreme makeover;
Penalty Kill: C+-middle of the road, but they have to kill lots of knucklehead penalties