View Full Version : pats dug deep in PA

01-15-2006, 04:32 PM
the pats dug extremely deep on saturday night in PA listened to the whole game the pats hung around in the 2nd to stay close and a inspired 3rd period especially to score the tieing goal shorthanded (even tho the goal was pulled to make it 5on5) we have the talent there to catch MJ and pull close to make it a race with saskatoon, as a team though were inconsisent in our 4 game home stand we played 1 good game against lethbridge, the games against the so called "lesser teams" brandon, PA, and red deer we looked lost at best during those games......give those teams credit though they stopped our forecheck and got on our defence......

i wanna know what happened to K.Deck he said on the radio after the game against lethbridge he was going to play more tough/physical after that game 3 games in a row he was our worst player.....1 thing i dont understand is why Hunt puts Deck and Pyett together on a regular shift neither player can fight his way out of a wet paper bag, neither player wants to throw a big hit, but if theres 1 thing there starting to do abit more on the PP is shoot the puck from the blueline (its about time Deck/Pyett) they both gave up on the chipchura breakaway more so Pyett then Deck...those 2 players dont belong playing together on a regular shift only on the PP

hopfully we can put together some good games here cuz were going to be put under fire here really quick our nexted 5 games are no easy task we play MJ and saskatoon twice and then play calgary also these nexted 5 games will pretty much say where were going to finish in our division theres a big 8 pts against MJ and saskatoon and winning at least 3 of our nexted 5 is very key if we loose all 5 were in trouble in my opinion