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01-22-2006, 06:57 PM
Im not sure what has happened to Reekie early in the season was playing with alot of confidence but he has been struggling alot as of late lets in too many goals upstairs.... i know longer have the confidence in Reekie to take us anywhere in the playoffs hell we'll be lucky to hold onto 3rd in the east with Brandon and PA playing pretty well as of late......when Reekie was hurt earlier this season and Reekie played i think it was 3 straight games Rowat played really well sure he doesnt have the experience in the WHL but really Reekie doesnt either last season no goaltender would of helped us out last season and Reekie hasnt shown anyone this year that hes a #1 goaltender in the WHL Reekie would be good back-up but not a starter....

why is it whenever the pats have a decent team there goaltending sucks and when we have a goaltender we have no team upfront (examples as of the last 5 yrs) 2001 had a perfect team (sure via all trades) to win the memorial cup but had no goaltender (remember Donald Chockolus) (however u spell it) and when we had a goaltender in josh harding we had no team when will we ever get it right lol

till nexted time talk to u all later

Fight Guy
01-22-2006, 07:40 PM
You really shouldnt be getting on Reekies case. He isnt that bad. He has played extremely well compaired to last season and has played good enough for my liking. The Pats arent set on set onmaking a serious run this season, so there was no need to go out and get better goaltending. The third goal the Pats shouldnt have let MJ out of the zone the way they did. Once Kalus and Tolpeko get out of their funk(more Kalus than Tolpeko), that wont be as much of a problem. Dont get on Reekies case too much. The Pats arent 'planning' on making a run for the cup this season, or the league for that matter. They just want to try and win the east. Cant expect Reekie to stand on his head like goalies in the past with the team we have this year. He shouldnt have to.

01-23-2006, 07:21 PM
pats wont be making a run at the east division. not with reekie. reekie doesnt make the big saces to keep his team in the games. he lets them down time and time again. i dont know what goalie u watch on the ice but reekie is terrible. not a starter in this league. he is terrible up high, cant play the puck, gets in the way of our defence when he does play the puck, leaves it in terrible places for the defence to get control of the puck.....i know the pats rnt making a run at the league. hell, there not even going to make a run at 2nd in our division with reekie in goal. we wont finish no higher then 3rd. we'll also be lucky if we hold onto 3rd with our goaltending.

Fight Guy
01-24-2006, 05:50 PM
Ummm...that may have been the case last season, but with the team they have this season, they shouldnt have to rely on Reekie to make saves to keep them in a game. The Pats have the scoring power that should be able to pu games away. They havent been able to do it as well as of late though. You expect Reekie to be like Harding and stand on his head to keep a bad team in a game? Thats not Reekies job. They obviously have enough confidence in the TEAM to do whats needed to be done rather than relying on the goalie to win the game for them. Reekie isnt doing as good as he can right now...but he is doing fine otherwise.

01-25-2006, 05:30 PM
1st off im not stating Reekie has to play like Harding cuz Reekie isnt even close to a Harding.....all im stating is Reekie isnt there when the team needs a big save everytime team needs there goalie to be there during break downs the good goalies are there more often then not, but in Reekies case he is hardly there when we break down and need a big save to keep it close....i do agree with you though that we do have the offence there to win that way but our defencemen (particulary Pyett and Deck) N.Ross and Schira have been rock soild all season where is this mean streak that Deck said he was going to play with....we have a good team there but were not going to finish any higher then 3rd in our division not with our goaltending....

One point to be made last night in Calgary Rowat played extremely well watched the game on the web we couldnt score though i have more faith in Rowat then i do with Reekie

Fight Guy
01-27-2006, 11:39 PM
See the game Moose Jaw tonight??? Enough said.

01-28-2006, 11:39 AM
what hes played 2 good games between the pipes and u think hes god, Reekie is a hot and cold goalie very inconsisent i hope for the pats sake that he has put november, december and the rest of january behind him cuz in those months he didnt play that great he had spurts.........Lots of people agree with me at the pats game that Reekie needs that big save in the 1st 5 to 7 mins of the game for him to be depended on in the later stages of the games...Reekie did that against Saskatoon (after he shook off there early goal) and last night in MJ i was there last night and yes Reekie did play a great game kodus to him

01-29-2006, 12:08 AM
Guess that's another good game for Reekie tonight against the Blazers. After pretty much no work in the first he had to be very sharp as the Blazers started to come back and made some big saves in the third along with having a great scrap with the monster Dubnyk. I've been hard on Reekie at times myself but he has been good for the Pats this year, yes he has let in a few bad goals but the team in front of him often has some pretty big defensive lapses at times.

Anyway, he played a great game tonight and landed a great punch or two on the 6'6" Dubnyk :D

01-29-2006, 02:32 AM
have a little more faith...Reeks has played outstanding as of late, especially the other night in MJ, and IMO I don't think hes been utterly horrible at any point in the season, give the kid a break

wonder if Rowat will start in PA on Tuesday...he was great vs Calgary, but Reekie is definately on his game right now

...either way I'm sure if our defenseman put in a solid effort (I do have to admit there are a couple d-men that make me nervous with that puck) and we manage to continue notching some goals, our tenders will do their part in keeping us in the game

01-30-2006, 02:16 PM
I've been trying to keep out of this, but after what I saw this weekend, I have to speak up. Reekie has had some bad games this season, but so has every other goaltender in this league. These players are not perfect, nor are they pro. This weekend, he proved yet again that he is capable of playing in this league. Against Moose Jaw, he single-handedly kept us in the game. Our D let a few slip, and Reekie was there to stop them. Thats all that we ask.

Im not sure exactly what you are expecting of this kid, but he is a capable, good goaltender. He has proved that he is capable of playing in the league, and covering up our D's mistakes. As far as I am concerned, we have exactly what we need in Reekie. Our team is not serious about a playoff run yet, we are still growing. Give us another year and then we can talk about a long playoff run.

01-30-2006, 06:54 PM
when i started this trend on jan 21 reekie had played 3 pretty bad games in a row...wasnt making saves he was making earlier in the year but these past 3 games Reekie has been our strong point (yes you are reading this right lol) Reekie played well in Saskatoon, great in Moose Jaw, and had a real strong game in Regina against Kamloops.......

I'll give you what you said earlier that our defence was breaking down alot but Reekie wasnt there to bail them out in Nov and Dec and parts of Jan but i'll give Reekie credit he has played well as of late lets hope he can keep it up... with these past 3 games getting all 6 pts out of the games were right back in the hunt of things for 1st place in our division, watching Saskatoon play against us on Wednesday and then watching that same Blades team play last night on Access again Saskatoon isnt playing that great even on jan 20th when Saskatoon was here they werent nothing flashy after all there trades , MJ are having abit of problems with McCardle as of late hurting there team chemistry McCardle plays all for himself hes a great player but not a team player

Should be interesting these nexted 7weeks of play if Reekie keeps his play up to this level we will have no problems challenging for top spot in the east if not top spot a good chance at getting home ice advantage in the 1st round

GO PATS GO!!!!!!!!!

01-31-2006, 02:19 AM
I wasn't going to chime in but I thought I would say my 2 cents:

To be honest with anyone Pats fans should have nothing to complain about... remember last year?

From the "Weekly Update" on reginapats.com: One Year Ago: On January 30, 2005 the Pats had a 11-34-3-4 after dropping a 3 - 2 road decision to the Swift Current Broncos ...

Jump to January 30, 2006: 27-21-0-3. The Pats have 16 more wins this year than at the same point last year.

I remember hearing that the Pats' goal this year was to win 25 games (all year). With 27 already, they are "on pace" to have 36+ wins. So why complain? I can't see any reason to, cut the guys some slack.

ALL teams and ALL players of ALL ages have their bad nights, too.

After the Pats/Blazers "brouhaha" it should be even more interesting to see how the Pats' cheimstry has developed. The rest of the season should be fun.