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02-05-2006, 11:29 AM
Deck went missing in the earlier stages of the 2nd period was a harmful looking hit made his knee a little tender he should be fine......good thing Pyett was inserted back into the lineup, Pyett logged alot more ice with Deck gone...

Pyett has been playing more physical the past 2 home games, something he has to do if he wants to be more noticed as a top Defencemen in the WHL, he is tied for 10th in defencemen points in the league and if u go just with the eastern conference Pyett is tied in 2nd in points only behind his teammate Deck (only behind by 1 point) for 17 yrs old he is meeting all expectations, only thing he has been missing in his game this season is a physical game....which in his last few home games he has been doing. Great job Pyett

we have a good Defensive crew as it is and next season it should only get better take out Fauth and add Teubert (who hasnt looked out of place when he has been called up at age 15) Teubert will be like N.Ross next season a solid D-man all season

I hope the Pats make a trade with Chiliwack before the expansion draft we have to many highly touted young prospects would hate to loose 1 that fits more into the pats plans ...

Anyone else have any comments on Pyetts play as of late leave some replies would love to hear other peoples comments on him/and or any other player as of late

GO PATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-06-2006, 02:44 PM
Pyett isn't my favourite Pat d-man, but I'd take him over Reinhart anyday (that kid just scares me) definately hoping Deck makes a quick recovery....but personally, if N. Ross and Schira got more icetime I'd be quite pleased

02-06-2006, 05:57 PM
Me personally i dont mind Pyett at all besides the fact that he doesnt play physical (but last 2 home games he has made strides at playing more physical) 1 thing i find with Pyett is he cant make a pass if his life depends on it if he isnt getting pressured but as soon as he's getting pressured he finds the open man with a nice pass.....as for the Reinhart comment, hes not a guy who has ever been good with the puck its his positioning that keeps him in the league and his strength.

I also totally agree with you that if Schira and N.Ross get more ice time i would be happy also but really they see the ice just as much as Pyett and Deck.

Also on the Reinhart thing Reinhart is still playing hurt his shoulder is still sore..
but Hunt has told Reinhart they'd rather have him in the line-up with his leadership and vertern presence then having MacDermott who is inexperienced and not that strong.


02-06-2006, 09:25 PM
as for the Reinhart comment, hes not a guy who has ever been good with the puck its his positioning that keeps him in the league and his strength.

Gotta dissagree with you there, Reinhart is horrible positionally and has no clue when to jump into the play or step up for a hit. He looked like an absolute fool on one of the Bronco goals when he tried stepping up and challenging at the blueline but didn't even come close to hitting the guy. The look on his face after they scored was priceless, he even knows he sucks. I've never seen any indication of him being overly strong either, he can throw a good hit every once in a while but he looses battles for pucks on a regular basis. I'd say Schira or Ross are just as strong if not stronger than Reinhart even though they are much smaller.

I say trade Reinhart to Chilliwack to avoid loosing any of our good young guys, can you imagine our defence next year with Schira, Pyett, N. Ross all one year older and if they keep progressing like they have they'll all be great. On top of that you have Deck as the anchor with young guys like Teubert, MacDermott and others in the mix. One guy who could very easily replace Reinhart is Spencer Fraipont who I hope would provide some size to the D. Him and Teubert who like to play a little nasty on the back end would be a good pair.

02-07-2006, 05:56 PM
I dont think u could give Chilliwack Reinhart would they be that stupid and take him do u think lol maybe if Chilliwack wants Columbus's money for playing there draft pick that would be the only reason they would take him lol

02-09-2006, 08:42 AM
I do think they'd take him, he does have WHL experience and he is a draft pick. I honestly think that he could have been traded at the deadline if he hadn't been hurt at the time, maybe a straight up trade for a tough guy which Parker finally admitted they had a serious lack of this year. I just really don't see the point of Reinhart continuing to fill a roster spot when he does nothing offensively, his defence ain't great and he shows no signs of improving.

The Pats have too many prospects waiting that at the very least replace what Reinhart brings and most likely bring alot more.

02-09-2006, 08:47 AM
Hell I think I would have even kept Patterson over Reinhart at this point, Patterson actually showed signs of improvement before he left and really worked on his positioning. He can't skate worth s**t and only on the odd occassion did he use his size to his advantage but I think he was improving at least.