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02-19-2006, 05:03 PM
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Feb 17 2006

Cougars Turn Blue to Support Hockeyville

PRINCE GEORGE, BC- The Community of McBride, BC, with the support of the Prince George Cougars through a combination of merchandise, game tickets, and a cash donation, are pleased to announce they will be hosting a “Blue Hockey Day” in McBride on Sunday February 19th.
The event, set to commence at 1:00pm at McBride’s town arena, is part of CBC/Kraft’s National competition, where communities compete with one another to showcase who best exemplifies hockey spirit throughout Canada. The four hour hockey extravaganza will see all minor hockey players, coaches, officials, junior, senior, male and female players, fans, and community members come together to help McBride compete for the top honour… Kraft 2006 Hockeyville Champions. All people attending are encouraged to support the community “BLUE” theme by wearing the color blue.
“We are delighted that the Prince George Cougars have offered their support to our Hockeyville application. The Cougars have a proven track record of community involvement and their assistance with our Blue Hockey Day in McBride event on Sunday promises to enhance this special day for our town," says Sean Tobin, Team Leader- McBride Hockeyville Committee.
Upon completion of the hockey event, supporters are invited to stick around for a free family public skating event where there will be prizes, hot chocolate, and an arena full of BLUE fans and community spirit. While admission is free, attendees are encouraged to donate a Kraft product to the McBride Food Bank.
“We are extremely excited at the opportunity to help promote our local communities. We feel this is a great way for Canada to see the tremendous community spirit that is alive in Northern BC”, says Cougars Business Manager Brandi Brodsky. “We are thrilled to be a supporter of McBride’s Hockeyville application”, concludes Brodsky.
For more information regarding McBride’s “Blue Hockey Day”, please contact Committee Team Leader Sean Tobin @ 250-569-0218, or visit their website at http://www.mcbridehockeyville.com. Be sure to tune in to PGTV News Central on Monday February 20 from 5-6:00pm for footage from the event.... McBride and the Cougars are BLUE....are you?

02-19-2006, 10:49 PM
Thanks for the post Number 4....I've been working night shift lately and haven't had a bunch of time to get online much lately. It also gets frusterating when it seems I'm about the only one from PG that comes on here to post, other than Cougar Guy and Homer once in a blue moon. I guess I just have to be more dilligent on getting more stuff posted.

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