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03-13-2006, 12:41 PM
The 05-06 Blazers are almost done. Who stays? Who goes?

• Dubnyk: he brings it. Stays. 20 year overage. No room in Oiler system yet.
• Tesliuk: had a better overall year than last year. Stays. 20 year overage dman. AHL later.
• Jorgensen: game in game out, their best player. Stays. 20 year old overage.
• Bartley: obvious talent but inconsistent year. Inferior coaching hasn’t helped. Stays. Will be only Blazer in 2006 NHL draft.
• Nixon: had solid year & will put up numbers again if he plays with Jorgenson. Stays.
• Bender: showed initial improvement, but nose dived when Ferner fired. Stays. He also needs coaches who have instructional skills.
• Stretch: over-hyped small rookie forward who got obscene amounts of ice but only 4 goals. Not a franchise player. Stays. Blazers have no choice but to keep him.
• Dunstall: another hyped small rookie forward who logged tons of ice but was totally mediocre. Definitely not a budding Hamill or Brule. Stays. No other choice for Blazer org.
• Skrudland: big rookie forward who brings some toughness & has potential to improve. Stays.
• Thiessen: rookie d’s injuries kept him from playing a lot. Stays. He also needs decent coaching.
• Maniago: has shown he can play but will be stuck behind Dubnyk again. Likely to stay.

• Eisenkirch: weak skater & not good enough to stay as overage. Goes. End of the WHL line.
• Ellerby: lack of coaching really hurt. No improvement in his game. Goes. His draft year is coming & unlikely his agent will put up with the no coaching-nonsense any longer unless a bona fide Hay or Constantine coaching staff & plan brought in.
• Hayman: probable end of the WHL line for hard working 19 yr. old. Goes. Probably university hockey.
• Kassian: toughest guy in the WHL. When he got enough ice time, dominated & looked NHL bound. Unfortunately, was way underutilized. Goes. Minny 2nd rounder has shot with AHL Houston.
• Macias: talented dman was screwed over by the dumb & dumber coaching experiment which had him on forward & d. Goes. Av’s & his agent will demand & get a trade.
• Mason: has been as good as the other small rookie forwards but without the hype. Goes. Will likely be dealt for a dman.
• Mullock: end of the WHL line for 20 yr. old. Goes. Pro hockey future unlikely. didn’t get any better during the year despite gobs of ice from his BCHL-buddy-coach Thorpe.
• Rome: end of the WHL line for 20 yr old. No improvement in his game since acquisition. Any positional play & discipline he learned from Sutter in Red Deer he lost in a week with the Thorpe & Clark gong show. Goes. Could end up in ECHL.
• Steinmann: decent defensive player, but that’s about it. another Euro forward bust pick by Clark. Rode the pine a lot after the World Juniors. Goes. Mabye plays in Europe.
• White: AJHL player who should have stuck with the AJHL route. Goes. Is just not good enough.
• Guiterrez: played better in a couple of second half games but was plain awful in most others. Total floater who did not deserve 20 TOI –plus per night. Goes. Celebrities on Ice a possible fit.
• Ryan Thorpe: lost any & all respect of the players. Unable to run a hockey practice at the WHL level. No film. No plan. No instructional. No nothing. Previous BCHL Surrey Eagle run an obvious fluke; his line combo's were the laughing stock of the league. Goes. If he plans to coach more, he should learn how with Bantam AA somewhere.

• Delaronde: possibly the league’s dumbest player. Only thing consistent is that he took stupid penalties behind the play in the offensive zone every night. why were the coaching staff in love with this Regina reject? Likely to stay if no coaching change is made.

• Dean Clark: was awful behind the bench; ran the most undisciplined, unorganized, & poorly coached Blazer team in recent memory. No power-play. No penalty kill. No system. No player development. No common sense; took over a .500 team without their best player (Jorgenson) and ended up with a .500 team with their best player; no surprise that Clark didn’t get even a single coach vote in the recent WHL Tri Cities Herald poll. Stays. But somewhere in admin.

Big Daddy
03-13-2006, 09:37 PM
I can hear your frustration. Hopefully Kamloops will make the change from the top and before the draft so the new the management/coach (?) can start bringing in the players that he wants. Although I am not as familiar with the team as you, I have heard that a few of the players on your trade list should go. I don't want to name people but suffice it to say there are leadership issues. If the teams intensity level was as high all year as it was last weekend against the Giants this season would have had a different outcome. Consistency is the difference in this league with all other things being equal and the great teams have this trait.

03-15-2006, 10:46 PM
Dubnyk will be in the Oilers farm system with Morrison going to Ottawa.

Tesliuk? Ya the guy has a great shot but hits the net 1 out of 10 times and his defensive game has sucked the last 2 years, plus he's a 2 spotter so no thanks.

Stretch overhyped? No, Crosby is overhyped, he gets talked about because he's got some real skill to his game.

But the rest I agree on. This team needs a major overhaul.

03-16-2006, 02:19 AM
Sorry Pal - I too sense your frustration. I'm on the other end of the scale being a Giant fan. When the Blazers played in Van. they showed grit and determination that I couldn't imagine from their pointsin the standings. How a team could show up one night only to fold agianst lesser teams the next DOES seem to end at the Management /Coaching level. I too noticed that many draft picks went the way of possible US college scholarships - that hurts. Blazers were an undisaplined team to say the least. In closing let me say this about a favorite x Giant. I think that Minny made a HUGE mistake on taking Kassian in the 2nd round.
He is one tough hombre but he has to be able to skate fast enough to : get on the ice , let alone try catch up to someone he may want to fight. With the way hockey is going in the NHL(pp specialists & instagator) he is ear marked for the ECHL as a fan draw for fights. Sorry Matt, but as tough as you are you need speed.

03-16-2006, 03:47 AM
Dean Clark is not the problem, people can say all they want about how he had stars like Brendl, Moran, Beech, Dodginghorse, Krahn, Stuart etc. But remember he built the team up after the scandal with Graham James and sometimes leading a team built with stars can be harder than leading one without much talent.

His hands have been tied immensely by those old sad sacks that run the team. They are NOT hockey people and should NOT be at the helm. What the frig happened to this franchise? What happened to the stability and closeness that use to be a major part of this franchise?

03-16-2006, 04:05 AM
Clark had several deals in place at the deadline but those geriatrics tied his hands and he couldn't pull the trigger. The board is the big problem, I really don't know how you could get a bigger collection of idiots all in the same place at the same time. You can thank the beginning of the downfall to that fat crook Colin Day.

This is just putrid and really disgusting. Look at all these kids who have come along here the last few years and did anything but show Blazer pride. In the past 6 years of misery the only ones I can think of that bled Blazer blue was Jorgensen, Dubnyk and Gionet. They keep picking these college kids who won't show up and take up room on the PPL.

A positive is we will get a high pick this year in the top 5 and if guys like Stretch, Dunstall, Kramer, Rowley, Shattock and Rodgers and Hall develop the tide could all change, but we need to have the right vets to help that process. Theres one man who could change all this but he wouldn't touch this team with a 5 foot pole again.

03-16-2006, 09:16 AM
As a Pats fan, I can feel your pain. The high draft choice is a nice carrot, but a crap shoot. The organization will also have to wait two more years before the player can be a factor in the WHL. The Blazers have always been a first class organization and one that has a history of excellence. But given the last few years of having decent players and not great records (and player indiscretions), it leads you to think that there is something going on. The fact that there has not been a revolt from the players and requests to be traded or just leave the team, suggests that it is not the coach.

03-18-2006, 01:17 PM
A positive is we will get a high pick this year in the top 5 and if guys like Stretch, Dunstall, Kramer, Rowley, Shattock and Rodgers and Hall develop the tide could all change, but we need to have the right vets to help that process.

unless Clark & Thorpe are reallocated there will be no hope for developing any of the players you mentioned as there was no discernable development with this years club. Did Bartley get developed? Did Ellerby get developed? Did Kassian get developed? Did Macias get developed? Did Tesliuk get developed? Did Rome get developed? Did Dubnyk get developed? If not, why not?

03-20-2006, 10:05 PM
Victor Bartley - here for another season lack of defence coaching has hurt
Ryan Bender - will be back, but takes to many penelties
Terrance Delaronde - average at best and not much improvement stupid penelties all year Good Bye
Travis Dunstall - Wish he had more ice time, he's one to watch grow
Joel Eisenkirch - Good at times lazy at times on the bubble
Keaton Ellerby - needs to grow into the body, dumb mistakes at times but he is still young, next year will be much better
Moises Gutierrez - how many years has he been here? waste of a roster spot
Kevin Hayman - Not good enough to fill a 20 year old spot
Reid Jorgensen - 20 year old spot for sure, would be nice to see him have an injury free season
Matt Kassian - Most will disagree with me but I say he should come back, he is a good team player, but needs to still work on the skating and loose a few pounds
Ray Macias - What a waist, so much talent but he has to one of the laziest player around Good Bye
Brady Mason - improved alot since christmas deserves another chance
T.J. Mulock - Hope you make it now that junior is over
Brock Nixon - most improved player this year, the rest of the team could learn alot from this guy
Ashton Rome - so much talent but again disapears at times he will end up somewhere playing pro
Scott Skrudland - I like this guy once he fills out more could be a good player
Janick Steinmann - showed promise at times but just not good enough for this level of hockey euros have to stick out he doesnt so good bye
C.J. Stretch - Rookie of the year? plays with heart thats hard to find anymore
Roman Tesliuk - Great slapshot hope you land on your feet somewhere
Garrett Thiessen - Not much ice time and then the injury, I will say it now I think this guy will be a number 1 draft pick when his time comes
Ryan White - he is small and you don't notice him alot sometimes thats a good thing
Devan Dubnyk - I am sure if you asked him he would like to have parts of the season back, outstanding at times and below average at times, something tells me he will do just fine at the next level.
Michael Maniago - More than able to be the next starter, my only concern is guys coming in on breakaways, he scares me!

As for Clark I hope he returns as the GM only, he has done an ok job there I like the fact that he has been able to sign so many of the prospects.
I am undecided about Thorpe I find it hard judge asst coaches
Bell is stepping down as CEO or what ever he was at the end of April but I did find that you could talk to him.
As for the board and shareholders if there is a legit offer to sell the team please do, if not it is time for all of you to shutup and let the people you hired run the team, you are the one of the biggest problems to many chiefs and no brains.
This team needs to do alot better in the marketing department maybe hire a company that can do it, what you have now is bad really bad.
OH by the way it would be nice to have a beer and watch the game at the same time,

03-21-2006, 06:33 AM
You can't drink beer while watching the game? How many more teams don't have that option? I frequent PA, Saskatoon, and Regina rinks and all allow drinking in the stands.