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Fight Guy
02-07-2005, 05:41 PM


Regina SK ---- The Regina Pats unveiled their "I Love Regina" jerseys this morning at a press conference in the Agridome. The special edition jersey will be worn on Saturday night during the Pats "I Love Regina" game vs. Prince Albert on Saturday, February 12th.

The navy blue jersey features the City of Regina word-mark on the front chest, with the Pats & "I Love Regina" logos on the shoulders.

Fans in attendance on Saturday will have the opportunity to bid on each jersey, with the winning fans receiving their jersey from the players immediately following the game during a post-game ceremony. All proceeds from the jersey auction will go toward the Hospitals of Regina Foundation.

"The idea of the jersey auction is a fantastic way for our fans to stand-up and say they are proud to be from Regina, support the Hospitals of Regina Foundation, and own a special edition game worn Pats jersey," commented Pats Director of Corporate Development, Chris Hutchinson.

The jerseys are part of the annual "I Love Regina" Day at the Agridome this Saturday. Mayor Pat Fiacco will be dropping the puck prior to the game, which will also feature a pyrotechnic display.

The first 4,000 fans in attendance on Saturday will receive a commemorative poster of the Pats five local products; Kyle Deck, Kyle Ermel, Jordan McGillivray, Logan Pyett & Kyle Ross in the special edition jerseys courtesy of Western Pizza & Global TV.

The first 500 fans in the Agridome on Saturday night will also receive a commemorative pin courtesy of the "I Love Regina" committee.

Saturday's game begins at 7:00PM in the Agridome. Tickets for the game are available at the Agridome Box Office, or by calling 781-9300.

I was thinking earlier this weekend "Why aren't the Pats having a jersey auction this year?", and I was thinking about how PA had there memories night or whatever it was called. I guess this answers my question. I actually like how they look too. Good colour and the logo looks sharp on the jerseys too. May have to bid on one of these this year. I got Dougherty's red 3rd last year...I think I may have to go for one of these.

02-08-2005, 12:04 PM
Those actually look pretty good. I remember the St. Patrick's Day jerseys the used to auction off. While I always thought it was a good idea, those things were probably the most horrid jerseys I've ever seen. I hated the colour of green, especially with the blue on the logo.

02-08-2005, 06:32 PM
These jersey's arent that bad. I actually like them. I wont be able to go to the game, but I'm thinking I am going to send my dad with the tix and ask him to try to get a jersey for me. Anyone have any idea of how much they will go for this year. I know it depends on the player, but any guesses for this year?

02-08-2005, 11:55 PM
hey hows it goin? you should expect to pay a minimum starting bid of $150-$200,and escalate from there.i have been very fortunate to get alot of sweet jerseys for $200 because knowone thinks they will win it.i would imagine that this will be a slinet auction type of set up so you will have to keep going over to the table to see what its at before it ends. i have also paid more though they can get high, i remeber Dan Blackburns going for over $2000 here in Cranbrook!!! but i picked up a Duncan Milroy for $300 good luck! once you buy one youll be hooked like me and wear a diiferent one all the time.lol

Fight Guy
02-09-2005, 03:51 PM
Yeah...I got Dougherty's last year for $240, and now i want to get another one this year...but am hoping hte price isnt too high. I might hold back though. Last year I really want to get one because it was the original red 3rds they autionedoff and was the last time they would ver wear them. But these jerseys are nice. I really liek the numbering.

Last year Slade's went for over $1000 and he was only here for a month. I think the starting bid will be $100. Thats what its been the last few years. I think I may try for Fuder's or Bernhardt's if I do bid.

02-18-2005, 10:51 PM
did anyone end up actually getting any of the "i love regina" jereseys at this game?if so what ones?

Fight Guy
02-19-2005, 02:31 PM
I went for Schenn's at the last minute. Then as they were taking the boards with the papers away, someone else put down a bid, and they let the person finish writing down his bid, even though it shouldnt have been taken away. Thats what happened last year when I got Dougherty's jersey. I put down my bid, then the person tried putting theirs down, but the board was taken away because the auction was over. Oh well though. I was going to try for Fuder's too, but there was someone who was pretty fixed on getting the jersey. Ill just have to wait till next year now. Who knows what they will do next season.

02-19-2005, 02:59 PM
:burningma yeah thats to bad that happend, those kindof guys just sit around by the railing pretending not to look at anything but as soon as you put in a bid thats there cue to move,it happens here to ive seen it,always the end of the year auctions and banquets you could go to though,keep trying youll get one