View Full Version : Blazers draft, youngsters coming up

04-29-2006, 06:39 PM
Top 10 rankings for the club

1.Tyler Shattock
2.Kurt Kramer
3.Jordan Rowley
4.Paul Van de Velde
5.Dalyn Flette G
6.Cody Bogner
7.Mark Hall
8.Alex Rodgers
9.Shayne Wiebe
10.Kurt Torborhm

In 2 years time, gotta love our defence, Bartley, Ellerby, Thiessen, Rowley, Torborhm, Kraus, Favero.

Forwards, Stretch, Dunstalll leading the way with guys like Hall, Shattock, Rodgers, Howse or Penner whichever one they pick, alot of talent coming up and hopefully it is developed properly unlike the last few years.