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06-13-2006, 03:20 PM
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Parker excited about renovation plans

Tim Switzer, The Leader-Post
Published: Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brent Parker hopes the Regina Pats' ticket woes are over.

Of the $2.5 million donated by Ipsco to Regina Exhibition Park (now Ipsco Place) on Monday, $1 million will go immediately to the replacement of the 6,000 seats in the Brandt Centre.

Parker, the Pats' GM, thinks that, in addition to a season ticket price reduction, will translate into more action at the box office for his team.

"One of the bigger complaints we get from our season ticket holders is the quality of the seats," said Parker. "It is a major point of concern for people that come to the building. Providing more dates than anyone else, we hear about it more than anyone else."

The Pats sold 2,450 season tickets last season (400 fewer than the previous year) and averaged 4,224 for home games. It was a point of contention for Parker all season considering the Pats went 40-27-1-4, an improvement of 28 wins over the 2004-05 season.

Most of the orange seats in the Brandt Centre are as old as the 30-year-old building and many are torn or sit on a decline, making for an uncomfortable game-time experience.

At least 5,200 of those seats will be replaced with the new blue seats which should start to go in as early as July and be installed in time for the beginning of the Pats' season in September. The 800 seats in the lower portion of the west end in sections D, C, X and W will have to wait to be replaced until spring 2007 when the lower bowl in that area is re-vamped to include retractable seating for concerts..

While the seats were a priority for the Pats, Parker also wants to see action taken to redo the "sub-standard" home and away dressing rooms in the near future.

"When you have mould growing in your dressing room certainly it's a major concern and we'd hope it would be addressed," he said.

An entirely renovated arena will also help the team recruit players, Parker added.

"If people walk in and have a positive experience of the facility -- 'It's new, it's upgraded' -- it does help when you're recruiting," Parker said.

Mark Allan, president and CEO of Ipsco Place, said dressing room upgrades aren't coming prior to this season, but should begin sometime in 2007 when the entire lower section -- including maintenance and storage facilities -- is refurbished.

Despite the slower-than-usual ticket sales at Pats games all year, Allan said that had nothing to do with the decision to earmark the first lot of money to the Brandt Centre seats.

"We're here for the long haul," Allan said. "The Regina Pats have been here for many years and we're taking the long view on this. We understand that the Regina Pats' fortunes go up and down over time."

Allan doesn't anticipate much lost revenue for the Brandt Centre while the seats go in as the summer is a slower time for the facility.

Fight Guy
06-13-2006, 04:31 PM
I don't like the name at all. There's nothing really wrong with it, it just doesn't sound right for what it is. 'Place' would good when it comes to an Arena, or maybe like a market area of sorts, but for the exhibition grounds, it just doesnt seem right. But I dont really care...NEW SEATS THIS SEASON! They say movie theater like, so expect comfiness!..I hope :p Gonna look ALOT different in there. Apperantly blue coloured seats as appose to the current red that have been there since it opened. I think they should have gone with a gray.

06-13-2006, 04:49 PM
Blue is a Pats colour, so it does make sense, although I think some other colour might make more sense considering all the different events that take place there... and this just kinda came to me... the Royal Red, with blue seats is gonna look kinda funny... but hey, in the dome everything looks kinda funny.

I still have to get my season tickets for next year... gotta wait to find out where Im working once I get back to regina first... dont wanna get season tickets and work nights- definatly not worth it.