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06-27-2006, 07:28 PM
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Parker decides to return
June 27, 2006
Greg Harder, The Leader-Post

Brent Parker has finally used his last timeout.

After a few weeks of deliberation -- and perhaps some soul searching -- Parker told the Leader-Post on Monday that he will indeed be back for his 12th season as the general manager of the WHL's Regina Pats.

"Yeah, I guess I'll kick around for another year anyway," he said with a laugh while making final preparations for Wednesday's CHL import draft. "I enjoy what I do, I enjoy our kids and I like our (staff) right now. I still believe we've got a chance to do some good things over the next couple, three years. You'd kind of like to see it through."

Parker caught many people off guard this spring with the announcement that he may not return in 2006-07. The GM still proceeded with business as usual, reaching an agreement on three-year contract extensions for the team's entire hockey operations staff -- head coach Curtis Hunt, assistant Terry Perkins, director of scouting Todd Ripplinger and trainer Greg Mayer.

The only person missing was the boss, who said he needed some time to consider his own situation.

The speculation ended Monday.

Parker's decision-making process had a lot to do with his young family -- wife Karen, daughter Carlie, 14, and son Casey, 11. Since the Parkers don't have any family in Regina -- they moved here from Calgary in 1995 -- Karen is often left to fend for herself while Brent is out of town.

Parker often laments the fact he can't be around for his son's hockey games or his daughter's volleyball matches as often as he'd like.

"I think your family has to be first in certain areas," said Parker, who plans to scale back some of his scouting duties this season. "You have to hire good people and let them do their job. I certainly have faith in Todd and our other scouts. I'll go see some of it but I'm not going to spend as much time doing the bantams. I'll spend more time watching our league and in preparation for trades, etc. I think that's more important for me anyway."

Another reason why Parker felt the need to re-evaluate his future was the "daily frustration" that goes along with being the GM in Regina. Although he didn't elaborate, it's no secret that Parker has been continually frustrated by the relationship between the Pats and their landlord at the Brandt Centre, the Regina Exhibition Association.

"There are days you almost dread coming to work because you wonder what it's going to be today," he said. "And it is a consistent, daily aggravation. There are times that I feel completely worn out from it."

That's part of the reason why Parker plans to evaluate his position on a year-to-year basis.

"I'll determine whether it's right for me to come back and whether I'm devoting my full attention and energy in the appropriate manner in order for the job to be done the right way," he said. "Like any job, you can't do it half-assed. You have to be willing to make some sacrifices and your family has to be willing to make some sacrifices. It's hard on everybody at times yet I think there are some great excitements and perks that go along with it too."

In the past, Parker has expressed interest in eventually making a full-time move into the scouting world. Then again, he might decide to try a different field altogether.

"I'll cross that bridge once I've made my mind up to do something else, whenever that time comes," he added. "Right now it's time to move forward with our group and get going on what needs to be done. We'll jump in with two feet and see where we go."

06-28-2006, 12:15 PM
Yay yay yay and more yay... and that is pure sarcasm.
I knew he was going to come back, this late in the summer, its getting busy around the Pats office, preparing for next year. I had kinda resigned myself to it already, and kinda figured he would come back for at least another year. In all honesty, he has been improving... the number of players leaving has dropped drastically in the past couple of seasons.

But... Sigh....