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02-17-2005, 04:49 PM
Because I don't really have a lot to do right now, and we are already talking about next year. I thought I would try to predict the standings for the 2005/06 season and my rational (assuming there is no NHL). What do you think??
#1 - Brandon - Loses: Monych, Konsorada and Later. 20's: Stone, Fehr and Day. Players that will step up: LeBlanc, Topilko, Moore, and Sindel. Two young goaltenders and depth everywhere!

#2 - PA - Loses: Fritshaw, Schlenker and Pearpoint. 20's: Colliton, Novak and Schafer. Players that will step up: A healthy Chipchura, Novak, and Seitsonen. Their goaltender might be back as a 20 (I can't spell his name, so I won't even try). A little disappointing this year, mainly due to injuries.

#3 - Saskatoon - Loses: Keller, Boldt and Cyr. 20's: Waschuk, Bader and a defenseman (I would like to say Green, but I think he will be playing pro). Players that will step up: Rabbit, Setaguchi, Barnes, and Bahensky. This team will have no problem scoring goals. Keeping them out of their own net might be a different story. Goaltending is a question mark.

#4 - Moose Jaw - Loses: Ehrman, Kerr. 20's: Lepp, Brouwer, Park. Players that will step up: Boyd, McArdle, Holzapfel and Jones. This team will not be much better that the current team. The biggest question mark is still defense. They will lose Ehrman and Kerr, both log a ton of ice time and I don't see anybody stepping up to fill those shoes.

#5 - Regina - Loses: Rypien, Hill and Appleby. 20's: Bubnick, McGillivray, and a defenseman. Players that need to step up: Ross, Duval, Bernhardt, Leffler, and Pyett. Losing Rypien and Hill really hurts, but I think that next years team will be better than this year's team. A little more depth, size and scoring touch.