View Full Version : PG/Seattle game 2

09-24-2006, 11:10 AM
Not as good a night for the big Cats. 4-2 loss going to 1-1-0 for the season. The t-Birds came out much hungrier and just all over had more hustle. Not a lot of loose pucks that the Birds didn't get to first.

Some oddities of Saturday though.....Lance Redden was suspended one game for the knee incident the game before, Chris Vandyunhuven (sorry....I can never remember how to spell it) is out with a broken hand (suffered in the first period of game 1, but finished the game and said it still hurt. X-rays showed it was broken), and PG and Seattle made a trade. PG gets Eli Grossman from Seattle for an 8th round pick. (not sure what draft year...more to follow) Grossman ate the pre-game meal with the Birds at around 2PM, and as they were getting up to go, the coach came over and told him he was a Cougar now. What a way to mess with a kid's head.

The officials dominated the night again. Savage and Stephenson made sure they were front and center most of the night. The first period was OK penalty wise (first penalty was at 13:32 remaining). The second was slow with no flow at all, and the third was simply ridiculous. Maybe it was my home fan eyes, but the same things Seattle was getting away with, the Cougars got called on. Sagart was already getting called for something, and T-Bird runs over Cyr in net, and of cours Sagart takes accepption, gets ahold of the guy and pulls/tosses him off. Wistle goes Sagart gone for 4 minutes and no Seattle penalty. If things like this continue, goalies are going to have to be aware they are going to get run, and their teammates will end up in the box for defending them. This situation happened three or four times throughout the game. Way to many calls, no flow, no sustained pressure by any team. If the WHL powers WANT fans to go across town to watch BCHL where the guys on the ice can actually play the game, it will work. Its real bad when most of the calls, no one on the ice or in the stands knows what the call was, against which team, and who is to go to the box.

09-24-2006, 01:36 PM
So basically the officials are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. Come on Sput, us fans will never give the officials a break. Its not possible, these are the same things that happened in the NHL last year, but it turned around and turned into a great product.

09-24-2006, 10:04 PM
Not too often this happens....but I'll agree with you KBF. Maybe I just have to put up with a million calls a game for the short term for the betterment of the product. It IS going to be painful though. Part of my beef with the officials is the total lack of consistancy. That much hasn't changed yet. Its growing pains for sure, and as fans we'll have to do the wait and see and see what happens.