View Full Version : Rookie thoughts so far

10-08-2006, 09:13 PM
Alex Rodgers-Looked quite good already early in this young season. Has shown flashes of having a great sense around the ice and while I don't see him potting in the goals on a regular basis, he's going to be a very good set up man.

Tyler Shattock-He's a horse, battles every shift and very hard for the opposition to handle his big frame in the corners already at the age of 16. If he continues to develop I can see him being the true Power Forward we have lacked for the past few seasons and will definetly be a force in the coming years.

Ivan Rohac-Speedy little fart this guy is, has shown alot of grit, determination and skill but yet to put up the points. But they will come as the season goes.

Matt Schmermund-Big suprise he's been, he's gotta be right up there with Macias in terms of speed. He busts his buttox every shift of every game and I think could be a real diamond in the rough.

Jusso Puustinen-Same as Rohac, got a ton of skill and strong work ethic and I suspect that Puu will have a big year and the points will keep piling up as the season goes. Our best Euro in my opinion since Panov.

Jordan Rowley-Shown alot of poise so far, positionally sound and I see big things from him in the future. A future PP QB only if he doesn't pick up the bad PP habits from his current veteran D-men by not shooting the puck. A real keeper.

Kevin Kraus-Not flashy, but solid and hopefully continues his development as he'll never be a big time player but will definetly be solid for us on the backend.

Dalyn Flette-Looked very solid in the 3 games he's been in, definetly bodes well for the future as he sees the puck well for a little guy and is fast and very agile. Could be a goalie of the Randy Petruk variety.