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Fight Guy
02-19-2005, 06:48 PM
Well...it sound like he's he's been pling very well there and every one loves him there.

Last night, the BCHL got a taste of the Slade the WHL saw. He got his first fighting major as an Eagle. And it was against a skater. Not too sure how it happened, but it has now started in Surrey. Does anyone have any info and this game?

I miss Slade. :(

02-20-2005, 06:31 AM
What bothers me about Slade is he has the talent to go somewhere and is pissing it away. Good hockey people will impede a problem or head case and this kid is on a one way ticket to no where.

Question for the Pat faithfull, why didn't the Pats trade him at at the deadline?

Did they not get enough in return for offers to dump him?

Why did they not send him away for a few weeks or a month then bring him back to see if his attidute improved?

Slade reminds me a little bit of Scottie Upchuck, a little trash talk from the Rockets and Upshall was banging the stick on the ice and was a non factor in every game. Slade and Upshall both seem to be spoit little brats and need a good kick in the ass.

02-20-2005, 10:58 AM
I honestly wish we could have dumped him, unfortunatly, for reasons Parker is not talking about, a deal wasnt made. I cant remember exactly what Parker said about the trade attempts after the deadline, but I do remember Slade ripping into Parker in the Leader Post. Apparently teams were calling Slade asking about him, and according to him, Parker didnt want to trade him. Personally, I think Parker wanted more than Slade was worth. Especially how he is viewed as a hot head and is known for it... well known for it.

I totally agree with Jovorock... he does have talent, and he is wasting it all away. Until he gets a firm grip on his temper and learns to use it as motivation to become a BETTER goalie, he's not going to go anywhere. A little temper is not necessarily a bad thing, losing it completely is.

I really would have liked to see him come back and play a few more games. But I honestly wonder if there were more issues in the dressing room or curfew issues that we dont know about. Parker seemed to just want to get him OUT and NOW. Parker and Hunt probably had their reasons for whatever they did. But I wonder if the Pats would have been better off keeping him around, he is a good goaltender that is capable of stealing games.

02-21-2005, 09:05 AM
Slade was no problem in room and the players liked him. This was a total Parker/Slade thing. There was offers for Slade, but draft picks. The Pats were looking for a player that would help them now. I agree with what Slade said in the paper, what did Packer think sending Slade home was going to increase his stock? Parker's pigheadedness has hurt the team, and he is the first one to cast a stone at Slade.