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02-20-2005, 06:40 PM
Its college spring break time. What grades do the Blazers get?

A+: Dubnyk: if not for him, Loops have less than 10 wins. NHL bound for sure. must be tough keeping his focus with such inexperienced defence, inconsistent coaching, & facing a million shots a night
A: Kassian: next to Dubnyk, best player since trade deadline & deserving of A on his jersey. Big hustle, big hits, smart player. definite NHL prospect. What will he have to do to get more ice time?
A: Jorgensen: best overall skater. Has been red hot recently & seems to have made better effort to play two-way hockey. Has shown lots of hustle on PK. Should only get better.
B: Richards: has been injured so difficult to fully evaluate. Before injury, was in at least 60% of the games. Needs to show up every night though, as 2 out of three not enough.
B: Tesliuk: hot and cold. Can be a top WHL defenseman some nights, & on others a beer league in Russia. Could use more work on his shot, as he has a hard time hitting the net.
B-: Bartley: best of the babyface defence. One of the only ones who consistently tries to play physical hockey. Once he learns the ropes, he will be very solid. But not til next year.
B-: Moulton: most physical of the defenceman. Unsung hero a lot of nights. Not lots of tools, but brings it every game.
B-: Hayman: works hard game in & out; has been used a lot as fourth line center & with different players every night. Occasional lapses on faceoffs, but makes up with consistent play
B-: Grochmal: same as Hayman for work ethic; brings it almost every night; should be used as a third or fourth line winger & not on 1st or second line though, as he gets pushed off puck too easily by big defenceman.
C+: Sagert: some games he is with it and others he seems to coast; when he's on, he can move the puck up reasonably well. when he's off, Dubnyk faces rubber plus.
C+: Delaronde: continues to improve; good work ethic; needs to stop taking bad penalties.
C: Hogg: consistently inconsistent. Has talent plus, but most of it wasted. Bad positional player. Bad situational player. Very selfish:takes too many dumb ones in offensive zone. Deserves to be benched but never happens.
C: Macias: without question, most talented player next to Dubnyk; but very undisiciplined; has worst plus-minus on club; gives away puck too much; makes poor decisions on pass-shoot.
C: Guiterrez: smooth skater & logs tons of ice time as 1st or 2nd liner and on PP and on PK; for all the opporunity though, he doesn't produce-only 6 goals; is a perimeter player; rarely stands in front of the net; abysmal on penalty kill
C: Bender: inconsistent. some nights he looks like a defenceman and other nights he runs around like he's in search of a figure's dance partner; needs to learn how to move forwards from in front of the net; takes way too many dumb penalties.
C: Kauk: a rookie who has so much to learn: how to take hits, work the corners, go to the front of the net, etc.; hard to say whether he develops more; just think: for all the hype about his offense, Kassian has more goals.
C: Nixon: seems to have made little progress since last year; he has had to play all forward positions & seems unsure of his role.
C: Ellerby: most of the time is simply out of his league; gets pushed off the puck by any and all forwards over 160 lbs.; be better suited to BCHL or college game.
C: Chorneyko: rookie who has shown lots of energy when gets dressed
C: Irwin: another rookie who shows lots of energy when gets dressed
D: Olson: rookie who certainly tries hard and has shown up for fights but should be playing midget AAA or BCHL until his skating improves as he takes too many bad penalties
D: Gentile: no goals since trade & this despite getting all kinds of ice time & special teams exposure. Fast skater but seems to go absolutely no where.
F: Javosky: perhaps the worst Euro i have ever seen; paramount perimeter player only; is as soft as they come; hard to believe he's still in Kamloops

Power Play: D- needs a legit offensive defenceman to QB: maybe use Kassian to park in front of net
Penalty Kill: F- needs a heart & brain transplant; different system and/or different players