2018-2019 Regular Season

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PA is going to be nasty this year.

Would imagine people would be worried about is if Lewis or Branstrom come back, and I'd have to think the plan was for Branstrom to come back but they (Vegas) just assigned Hague to the AHL, dropping them down to 8. Looks more and more like he'll be staying up. Haven't been following Lewis much, doesn't seem to have the same coverage as Vegas provides.

Agree with the sentiment we'd need another impact player to kind of push us over ... surely that must be in the works with the bevy of Draft picks we have? We have a pretty strong starting point to build on from here.
Give MJ some credit they played a good game, were the only team so far to give PA a run for the money an we only lost to you guys by one goal an a empty net goal. Still to early to be jumping all over your team
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