I was surfing the net and went looking for stats on Jock Callander (I went to school with him) and found out that the 1986-87 Muskegon Lumberjacks of the IHL had eight players that have had, or currently have, a connection with the Pats. Listed below are those players.

Jock Callander 1978-79 to 1981-82 born
Dave Michayluk 1979-80 to 1981-82
Drew Callander 1973-74 to 1975-76 born
Todd Strueby 1980-1981 (current Pats assistant coach)
Gerry Minor 1974-5 to 1977-78 born
Jim McGeough 1979-80 to 1980-81 born
Dave Goertz 1981-82 to 1982-83
Terry Perkins current Pats assistant coach

(the stats above are from www.hockeydb.com )