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Thread: Go Canes!!! Kick some ICE!

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    Default Go Canes!!! Kick some ICE!

    Ok, Calgary blew it for us the other night against the Ice so you Canes better give Kootenay a better game. All of Kelowna will be rooting for you guys Friday night! Don't let us down! Go Rockets!!!....and Go Canes!!!....Boo Ice!!!

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    The next three game road trip for the Cane's is going to be huge. Coming down the stretch, with only 5 games to go, this will be a very cruicial road trip to pick up some points against the Ice, Rebels, and Broncs. Plagued with injuries though, im not sure how well they will match up against the Ice, but im sure hopin for them. Given that lethbridge wins a couple games here towards the end, they will clinch home ice advantage against either the rebels or hitmen, I really dont have a preference. Last nights game was just overall "brutal" at best, even though the Canes did win easily against the Pats, but it will be an entirely different scenerio over the next 5 games.

    Go Canes Go!

    p.s. I have to agree, go canes and rockets! we'll do our best to help ya out!

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    Good read on the situation. I think, @ least on paper the Tigers have a lot easer go down the final strech facing only Toon, PA, Pats, Rebs and Speedy Creek (twice). Not great, as this last Saskatcewan trip has historically been bad news and the rebs sure aren't any cake walk but I think a little better than what the Canes have on thier plate. Still think Tigers will wind up first.

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