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Thread: 2007 Training Camp Thread

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    1. Eberle
    2. MacAngus
    3. Ofukany
    4. Leffler
    5. Gross
    6. Strueby
    7. Saulietis
    8. Cerveny
    9. Jagow
    10. Hill
    11. Lind
    12. Elder
    13. Mitchell
    14. Reich
    15. Mulder
    16. B. Miller
    17. K. Miller
    18. Sauter
    19. Insam
    20. Stoesz (Pro? Only reason for low rank)
    21. Weal (can’t play full-time until 2008-09 otherwise would be in the top 10)

    Jordan Eberle (90) – Pats’ best offensive threat looked extremely good in camp. He has added some size to his small-ish frame. The speed is still there, the shot is still there, has added some grit to his game. With the right centre he will again light it up.

    Michael MacAngus (88) – Crash and banger will put up big numbers this year. Had a good camp. Kept up his physical game and crashed the net a lot. He and Eberle make an extremely good one-two punch.

    Troy Ofukany (87) – Had an amazing camp. Looked like he has kicked his overall game up a notch. There were times that the opposition defencemen didn’t know what to do as Ofukany controlled the side and end walls. With him banging and crashing as much or more than last year; a full year in a Pats uniform will pay off for him.

    Brett Leffler (89) – One of the best overall players in camp. Hit and hit some more. I still don’t know about his offensive upside but he will be there as he will make a living in front of the opposition goalies.

    Cody Gross (89) – Looked very good on a line with Ofukany and Saulietis in the Blue/White game. Has speed to burn. Didn’t look out of place at either end of the rink. Will be counted on for some offense.

    Matt Strueby (89) – Has been impressive all throughout camp. Skill is his game, has an impressive shot for such a lanky player. Over the summer he added 10 pounds to his frame so that he wouldn’t be pushed around as easily in the offensive zone. Could easily be the Pats #1 centre.

    Kaspars Saulietis (87) – By far the top Import in the camp this year. He oozes skill, if he was to find the finish he could and would be a threat almost every time he has the puck. He still has the physical edge to him as well.

    Rudolf Cerveny (89) – Looked like he fit into the North American style of play at times… others he looked completely lost. He has good hands and speed but doesn’t have a physical edge to him and doesn’t seem to like the defensive zone too much. Will learn.

    Jared Jagow (88) – of the Pats’ checking 19-year-olds he looked the like the most solid. He showed some offensive flair and looks to have added some extra speed to his game.

    Kirt Hill (88) – Was good in spurts. Probably one of if not the best Pats defensive forward, he needs to add the goal scoring aspect to his game to be more effective. No concerns in the defensive zone when Hill is on the ice.

    Levi Lind (88) – I never know what to say about Lind; whether my initial expectations skewed my opinion of Lind, I’m not sure. Lind doesn’t appear to have improved much since last year. Did have a nice Blue and White game which may have secured him a spot on the Pats.

    Josh Elder (88) – Looks exactly as he did last year. Big and sloth-like. For him to be effective he needs to be able to play the physical game but with his hand/wrist injury of last year I don’t know if he will ever be able to get back on track to be a “heavy” in the WHL. Did show signs of brilliance on a couple shifts in a couple scrimmages.

    Garrett Mitchell (91) – A Garth Murray clone. Fast like the wind and is an amazing checker. The main question: is there going to be any offence from him? Eventually. Give him a year or 2 as a checking line forward and the goals will come.

    Mike Reich (88) – Had a bad camp, did not look good at all in my opinion. I have no idea as to what the problem was but offensively looked lost and hardly ever came back on the back check. All I have to say is he did not look good at all.

    Kyle Mulder (91) – in rookie camp was probably the top 16 year old. I had no expectations of him until I saw him play. I honestly can see him taking the spot of a 19 year old as a checking-line/defensive-specialist type with some offensive potential.

    Brett Miller (91) – A larger version of Brett Leffler. A checker through and through. Wasn’t overly impressive at camp but didn’t make any glaring mistakes to make him look bad or anything like that. But I think my expectations for him were/are a little lofty. Will be a next year player, but depending on the 19 year old situation might stick.

    Kenton Miller (91) – A surprise at camp. Looked extremely good. Fast and defensively responsible. But got a concussion before the Blue and White game (which is unfortunate) and couldn’t participate. With another year of midget AAA under his belt could make the Pats next year (re-assigned).

    Kent Sauter (89) – I have him placed here just due to the fact that the Pats have so many checkers on their team I just don’t see him sticking. But he has improved his skating tremendously and may surprise (maybe knock a 19 out of their perch).

    Marco Insam (89) – One thought: Not what I was expecting. In my opinion he was one of the weaker players in camp. I really have nothing good to say about him other than he is a big specimen of a hockey player (especially on the Pats). I think with time he could develop but is not flashy or anything along those lines... more of a grinder type player.

    Myles Stoesz (87) – Pro opportunity came knocking which bumped him off the depth chart. If Myles is returned he will be a regular on the 3rd or 4th line just to add his physicality to the line-up. Before losing some chicklets (due to an errant stick) he was having a great camp. Man I never realized what kind of shot he had… Wow!

    Jordan Weal (92) – This youngster is “The Real Deal” in a big way. He is just oozing skill and always knows what to do with the puck. For his lack of size he makes up with heart… checking and getting physical with the big boys. This kid WILL make the Pats as a full-timer when he is 16 (been re-assigned).
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    Good stuff Nivek. Kepp it coming we need info.

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