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Thread: Now that we have had a good look

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    Question Now that we have had a good look

    How do you guys feel about the 07-08 team?
    There is a lot of great young tallent out there but do you feel that there is enough to hold up in the U.S. this season and make it through the 72 game battle ahead?

    Do you guys feel that the AMS will...
    A - push for the #1 spot in the U.S.
    B - finnish in the middle of the pack and make the playoffs and that would be a good showing
    C - struggle and feel lucky if we make the playoffs


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    Icon32 Future Looks Good

    After this weekend and watching the team's play i see Spokane and Am's battleing it out for the top spot and unfortunly the Chief's sqeeking out the division. The Am's seem to hav e the speed to compete just looking for a little back -end tweak, unless Fast come's back the we'll be fine. That to me is the only thing i say this weekend other then a few bad passes. But to me the team look good and really impressed me.

    Peace Out

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    Sadly, Spokane looks like the most complete package to me. I see them winning the division with a good 10 point cushion. From there, its going to be a dogfight from 2nd to 4th with Portland in 5th. Every team I saw this weekend have issues that need worked out but Spokane looks to be the front of the pack as far as having a complete package put together.

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    sorry crash69, but after watching Tri struggle through the pre-season tourney (in Everett -- didn't see them in Kennewick) I don't have high hopes for the Ams this season. They are losing a premier goalie and the pieces that are left are good, but truly the team itself was never a coherent whole on the ice.

    Maybe its a pre-season thing, but the Ams were relying solely on individual efforts and had zero team concept. They couldn't break out well out their zone and the mis-managed the puck frequently. There's a few nice individuals to watch there, but all in all I don't see this squad winning a whole lot of games without cohesive team play.

    The only real stand-out for me was Kyle Birch, the rest of the players came in and out -- no-one was consistently in there -- like Spokane's Donaghy or Seattle's Bear. No-one on the team dominated and a lot of the goals they scored were softies.

    I'm curious if they looked more cohesive in their own pre-season tourney.

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    Icon32 Didn't See The Everrett tourney

    Sorry wasn't up at the tourny in Everrett but heard how bd we did look from some good freinds that was up there. Tri's tourny other then sunday's game was great the team showed alot of team speed and the concept was found as the team played as a team in both Friand Sat night. Sun was a diffent story Thessin let alot of b.s. chippy play go on that finally got to a lot of the Am's player's and they lost it. Other than that game i see a diffent style of team out there than i have in along time here in Am's ville. Yes we have lost Price he's gone and moved on i have full faith that Chet will be just fine in net once Fast come's back or mabey we get a vet or two in the back end. That is the only soft spot i see on this team is the need for one vet d-man. Also Kyle Birch was outstanding down here to so if Pickard can't handle it not really worried there. Standing by my pick's 1. Spokane
    2. Tri
    3. Seattle
    4. Everrett
    5. Portland

    Peace Out

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    Default Still unknown IMO

    As I have been talking about all pre season .......I feel regardless of what 3 20's we keep we have the best "GROUP" of 20 year olds in the league.

    I feel we have the best "GROUP" of rookies in the league.

    We have some solid performers in between those age groups such as Pro ,Scmidt, Mystery, Hoff , Reddick, etc.

    The whole league knows that Chet is not Carey Price but who is?

    The key in my opinion is our defense......they have to help Chet more than they him "AND CAREY" last year.....we know Fast is solid .....Mystery and Schmidt both look improved to me ....Can McColm step it up?

    I cant tell these things from the pre season we will know within the next few months tho.

    More importantly than our Defense I am gonna put the biggest burden on Nachbauer........He has some incredible talent on this team ....and I do mean "INCREDIBLE" Will he be able to take all these individuals and mold them into one team? If he does watch out US division because you are possibly looking at one of the most explosive offensive production this division has seen for a while. Also he needs to teach them some discipline ...... I have my own opinions about last night Everett/Ams game .....the fact is our kids lost their composure and The tips kept theirs. I don't blame them for policing the game when Thiesen failed to but they to maintain better control when they do>


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    I dunno guys. Couple new posters here feeling good about the forward talent. And thats nice, especially if Yellowhorn comes back. But IMO, the order today looks like Spokane, Everett, Tri/Seattle, Portland. And I expect Seattle to be much better with their returns.

    But all that can certainly change as the rosters firm up and the dynamics of the teams develop. And I think Nachbauer is a coach that can move things along fairly well. But if they want to move up the ladder, they'll have to dig really deep. Cause I dont think they are there yet by a long shot.

    Theres still lots of work to be done with the Tri team as a whole. Theres more D men in to work out I hear. But D is a whole team responsibility too. And you need to score more to counter regardless. Plus, it would be good if the physical aspects of the game could be shared over a greater portion of the team. Otherwise I think teams like Spokane and Everett will out muscle you most nights.

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    Default I can't help but see the good side

    We are sitting on a pile of great boys and with a little tweek on the back end we could be sitting on a strong team! Like I've told many of you I think the U.S. Div (less Por) is very strong this season! The key to it all is to get some road kills and get the ball rolling. If they can start to click you will see some impressive stuff out there!

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    Default Tory

    Quote Originally Posted by AMSRocker
    We are sitting on a pile of great boys and with a little tweek on the back end we could be sitting on a strong team! Like I've told many of you I think the U.S. Div (less Por) is very strong this season! The key to it all is to get some road kills and get the ball rolling. If they can start to click you will see some impressive stuff out there!

    I remember last year when everyone expected us to finish at the bottom of the entire league.......If we had gone with the team we started with we propably would have.....We all know what Tory pulled off last year and what our team became......Tory hasn't pulled that kind of trade off yet but we all know he is trying.

    Spokane is the most balanced team in the division ......No real superstars IMO but a whole bunch of "GOOD" players that seem to have meshed together into a very cohesive unit......I believe if Tory can bring in a couple of key players (2 new D men today but dont know if they are the key) we compete for this division.

    I dont believe anyone in the league can control us offensively we just need to eliminate some of the easy goals against.


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    Default Chiefs

    I guess I'm not as convinced as everyone seems to be that the Chiefs should be handed the US banner. Yeah, they had a good preseason, but I've seen plenty of teams, the AMS included, look great in the exhibition season only to not fair well in the regular season.

    I look at their roster and Bowman is a bit scarey and Rutherford will put the puck in the net, but who else is really that scarey. Maybe you throw Wahl in there as guys capable of netting 25+ goals, but is there any beyond that? There two other overage forwards (besides Rutherford) scored a combined 21 goals last year.

    They were pretty firmly planted in fourth in the US division in goals against and they lost their best defenseman in Zimmerman.

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