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    Here are the returning goal scorers and total returning goals for the US Division teams.

    Portland (115 Goals) - Hotson (18), Sceviour (12), McLaren (19), Sjodin (13), Schmermund (9), Francis (9), King (6), Sokol (6), Betker (5), Gabriel (1), Jordan (2), Swystun (12), Cornish (3)

    Seattle (132 Goals) - Holloway (27), Hickey (9), Eberle (18), Jackson (4), Scott (18), Rai (7), Herman (13), McKenzie (13), Richard (9), Jo Schappert (5), Nielsen (6), Je Schappert (1), Boyer (1), Quackenbush (1) - Assumes Benn Olson is overager that is out

    Spokane (122 Goals) - Rutherford (31), Wahl (16), Roman (4), Bowman (24), Blackwater (12), Bruton (9), Spurgeon (4), Compton (8), Falk (3), Langkow (4), Esposito (2), Koper (3), Reddington (1), Kelner (1)

    Everett (128 Goals) - Hamill (32), Beach (29), Gendur (22), Crowley (8), Harty (5), Vartovnik (11), Dailey (2), Harper (3), Ellington (5), Sonne (5), Alexander (1), Burt (3), Smith (2) - Assumes Mueller (21 Goals) makes the Coyotes, Fiala (12 Goals) turns pro and the Tips choose Sonne (5 goals) over Campos (10 goals).

    Tri-City (148 Goals) - Yellow Horn (40), Vey (23), Procyshen (33), Macauley (9), Hoff (6), Broda (16), Gorman (4), Reddick (9), Fast (3), Schmidt (4), Mestery (1) - Assumes Felde (24 goals) is the overager out

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    What would you predict from our rookies coming in?

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    Default Good Question...

    I've really liked what I have seen from the rookies up front. Lots of speed and skill. I think Stoklasa and Lazo will get the most ice time and will be pushing for 2nd line spots. I think both could have 30 points this season.

    Ridgeway has been the most impressive beyond that. Throughout camp and the preseason, he always seems to be a name that continues to do good things on the ice.

    Hughesman is another one that has impressed me. He has good finish, but will need a good centerman to get him the puck. If Lazo centers a line for him I think you'll see him put up double digit goals.

    Gardiner appears to be a power forward, but I wouldn't expect a lot of goals from him this season. He'll be the most physical of the skilled youngsters though.

    Shinnimin is gonna be a fan favorite. The kid can fly and with the new rules he will be a handful for defenders. I wanna see pylons like Scott Gabriel try to defend a waterbug like Shinnimin.

    Wutzke reminds me of some former power forwards, but I just can't remember who. Maybe Jordan Cameron. He'll need to improve his footspeed, but he has the swagger that I like and that we desperately lack up front. He'll be hitting bodies, not the net, but he'll pick up a few crashing the net.

    Jackson has been the one rookie that hasn't really showed me much. Sunday was the best performance I can remember from him. Friday's game I thought he was invisible and can't recall him really impressing me at camp.

    Wilgosh looks to be a little bulldog. He is fearless at laying the body and seems to create havoc with his play. I think he'll have to unseat a veteran to keep a spot. He'd probably be able to fill a role similar to that of Hoff last season.

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