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Thread: Ams pick up Nargang and Levarsky

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    Default Ams pick up Nargang and Levarsky

    Remember the article titled "Living The Dream" a week back about the Ams two new imports? Well, for Josef Tichy (the 6'6" defenceman who abhored fighting in hockey), the WHL dream ended before it even began. Gregg Drinnan reports that the Ams have released him. Gregg also reports that the Ams have picked up recently-cut defencemen Paul Levarsky (Everett) and Brayden Nargang (Edmonton). Things must be pretty grim on the Americans blueline when they're picking up guys who have been cut twice before by different teams. (Levarsky by Red Deer & Everett, Nargang by Portland and now expansion Edmonton).

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    You can delete this. I didn't see there was a thread started about this.

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    Default Someting to think about

    I use to think that about players that were cut by other teams until Taylor Procyshen! He was cut 2 times by M.J. and I'm sure they are KICKING them selves for cutting him now!!! Bob seems to find the diamonds in the coal pile more times then not. I don't know how he does it!!!

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    Zack Sim last year was another prime example. We picked him up as a freebie because we were desperate on the blueline and he ended up contributing to the team hugely.

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    Default I dont think

    I dont think either will be here opening day....they were brought in to fill a few holes for the weekend .....


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