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Thread: Fan Info-Visiting Medicine Hat

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    Default Fan Info-Visiting Medicine Hat

    Medicine Hat Arena
    155 Ash Ave. S.E. Medicine Hat AB Canada T1A 3B1
    Located next to the YMCA,Police station, and Curling Rink
    Doors open 1 hour to game time.

    "Type in Medicine Hat Arena"

    Medicine hat Arena has a capacity of 4006
    The Tigers defend Sections 30,31 end in the first and 3rd.
    The opposition defends sections 14,15,16 end during the first and third.

    Ticket Prices:
    Adult $18.50
    Youth (13-17 yrs) $12.50
    Child (12 yrs. and under) $8.50
    *Prices for Walk-Up tickets include GST.
    If your lucky enough to snag a few. Quite often during the season their will be people that give away/sell their tickets out in front of the Main Entrance.

    Is free. the main lots are a short 3-5 min walk, across from the curling rink, and police station. If your early enough you can snag a parking space out front of the arena. Don't expect to be able to exit really fast, multiple cars in short spaces equal some waiting. It's best to be patient. Some people like to park across division avenue near the trains, there are a few pubs around their and its a short 5 minute walk to the Arena.

    Nearby Pubs
    Sidetracked pub
    Captains cabin
    Mainliner Pub
    Tigers Den - Inside the Arena - under section 7.

    Food and Drink:
    The arena has multiple concessions throughout the concourse. You can buy hot dogs/hamburgers,pop,popcorn,multiple candy bars,nachos,coffee, and other goodies. Their are a couple beer stands as well as, the lounge in the Northwest end under section 7. It's best to go right when the period ends, to get the shortest concession lines. Their are also a few walk-around vendors that move throughout the stands during intermissions.

    Concourse, and movement flow
    It's always pretty full, limited moving, as you pass through various line-ups. If you go out for a smoke make sure to get a stamp, or they won't let you back in. Bathrooms: the ones at the main floor develop long lines rather quick, and their are only a couple stalls. I find its best to go downstairs, at the west ends.

    Fans have generally leveled out and are fairly welcoming to out of town fans. If you are rowdy of course their is going to be some feedback. If you bring noisemakers they will be confiscated if using any other time than a goal being scored.

    Other stuff inside:
    Souvenirs - Right Near the front Entrance, in the lobby
    Ticket Booth - Right Near the entrance, in the lobby
    Pre-game your allowed to enter the lobby, without your tickets. At the end of the first they move to the door.
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    Default More Stuff

    Be sure to pick up some 50/50 tickets, surprising large pots compared to many others barns.

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    Great thread. As a Rebels fan I've been wanting to see a game in the Hat for some time now, but it never seems to work out. Appreciate the info.

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    Wow its been 6 years+ since I made that post. I think some things have changed, I'll try and update it.

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