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Thread: ugh... thats all i can say

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    LethMan_9 Guest

    Red face ugh... thats all i can say

    JUST THROW THE PUCK ON NET! that pretty much describes it all tonight against the hitmen. The cal. netminder was letting out some pretty juicy rebounds at times, we gotta capitalize on those boys if we are going to make any noise in the playoffs. Anyone who saw the game would understand where im coming from. Ive got my tix for sundays game against the Rebels, hopefully this game will be a turn around. Oh ya... does anyone know why Seabrook was benched tonight? was it just to save our star player for the playoffs?

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    mel Guest


    yeah, i was at the game to. was a pretty boring game. wish they would shoot the puck a little more. as for seabrook, i think i heard it was the famous upper body injury. could possibly play on sunday but they arent sure yet.

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    I heard he and Versteeg collided in practice. Lacerated arm rings a bell.

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    Seabrook looked all right riding the bike last night before the game....I know it's upper body....should be bake for the playoffs.

    Versteeg didn't look to bad at all either...should be back as well.

    Pess....I'm unsure what happen to him.

    As for Kaye...dislocated shoulder 1-2 weeks. Probably be back mid way through the first.

    I would guess that the whole lineup could be back for the post-season.

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    LethMan_9 Guest


    anyone have any predictions for first round playoffs? rebs are only two points behind cal. with a game at hand, and finish off the season sunday against us. should a tie occur, anyone know what the season series is between the hitmen/rebels? Canes are going to need their full lineup to be successful in the postseason, against either the hitmen or rebels.

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    Rebels hold the tie breaker....Hitmen win tonight and they are in for 3rd

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    big game in RD tonight, a tie means the game with u guys means something, a win or a loss makes tomorrows game just a tuneup for the playoffs!
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