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Thread: Dec 14-16 Tigers, Rebels, Canucks in town

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    Default Dec 14-16 Tigers, Rebels, Canucks in town

    This Weekend is gonna be awesome. I'm going to be attending 3 games in 3 nights all at Rexall. I'll be cheering for a different team each night wow

    Friday - Medicine Hat Tigers at Edmonton Oil Kings
    Satuday - Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers
    Sunday - Red Deer Rebels at Edmonton Oil Kings

    The last Oil Kings game i was at against the Blades one of the concessions started on fire and the fire alarm was ringing for a good 15 minutes.

    Anyways looking forward to seeing my Tigers in action in Edmonton for the 1st time this season, GO Tigers sorry Oil King faithful haha. The following night hockey night in Canada i'm in the Gold section especting the ROYAL TREATMENT lol and access to my own mini bar, Oilers never seem to beat the Canucks though lol so i probably picked a bad game to go to, but i have faith in GAGNER AND COGS. Then we finish things off with a 2 o'clock afternoon tilt against the Rebels of Red Deer yet another place lived along the road of my life. And with all this comotion i have no idea when i'm gonna be Christmas shopping haha cause i still have loads of it to do, infact i have all of it to do. Last minute christmas shopping my specialty ha.
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