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Thread: 20 questions with Blair Macaulay

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    Default 20 questions with Blair Macaulay

    Tri City Americans forward Blair Macaulay took some time out if his busy hockey schedule to sit down and share some of his thoughts with WHLFANS.CA. We would like to thank Blair and the Americans for allowing us the privelage of getting to know him.

    HAF: Blair, you have really stepped up and proven to be a leader on the ice this year. Good numbers and plenty of ice time. What has your overall impression of hockey in the Tri Cities been so far for you since joining the team?

    BM:-Playing with the Ams has been a great change for me, we have a great team that plays a style of hockey that I love being a part of. Coach has shown a lot of confidence in me and I have been able to step in and fit into a role that is important to our team success.

    HAF: Compared to the Canadian barns,
    are the U.S. Division fans as rowdy and loud as they say? Is there anything that caught you off guard?

    BM:-Ya it was completely overwhelming stepping into my first regular season game in Everett playing in front of a sold out crowd. Iíve never experienced anything so loud in my life. Even playing in front of a crowd of 2000 is twice as loud as it would be in front of a 6000 crowd in Saskatoon.

    HAF: Other than the
    Toyota Center of course, what is your favorite barn to play in on the road and what makes it unique?

    BM:-I like playing in Spokane, the atmosphere is great even though everyone is cheering against you.

    The team seems to have just a ton of chemistry out on the ice. Does this chemistry follow you guys off the ice as well? Are you a pretty tight knit group?

    BM:-Ya, we know that the guy sitting beside us will always have our back and we all have a lot of respect for each other. We have done lots of team bonding activities this year and had a great time. Its also helps playing in a smaller city when the only people you hang out with are the guys on your team and its not too far from house to house.

    HAF: What kinds of things do you enjoy away from the game? Do you have a
    ny hobbies?

    BM:-I play a lot of golf in the off-season, I also enjoy hanging out at the beach and playing a little tennis.

    WHL locker rooms and bus trips are notorious for pranks and gags.What are a few of the best pranks you've seen?

    BM:-I thought the best one was one of the guys phoning another teammate and telling him he is a reporter. He goes on and on for a good 10 min. and the other guy has no idea. Itís a good laugh.

    HAF: Are you a superstitious guy at all? Do you have any game day rituals
    that are an absolute must?

    BM:-I donít have any weird things at all but my game day routines always have to be the same from what I do in the dressing room to how I warm up.

    What person has inspired you the most in the game of hockey?

    BM: - My dad has taught me almost everything I know about the game and he continues to help me along in my junior career. My grandpa has also supported me a ton watching almost every game since I was 5 years old. My whole family has always been behind me showing great interest in the sport that is such a big part of our lives and such a big sacrifice.

    HAF: Other than the obvious, playing pro hockey, what types of career paths do you have interest in for the future?

    BM:-right now I am just focused on taking my hockey as far as I can, when that comes to an end thatís when I'll worry about school and such.

    I saw a video clip of a tilt you had a few years ago with former American Logan Stephenson, I just have to ask, what was going through your mind at that point?

    BM:-Well you canít let the bigger guys push you around or theyíll know they got you scared. A few punches is no big deal, it got me into the game and I ended up getting a goal and an assist that game so I donít think you can say that it was a bad play.

    HAF: The fans in the Tri Cities have been waiting on a division banner
    for 20 years now. Is this the year?

    BM:-It's going to be a dog fight to the very end. Were happy with the way were playing right now. If we can keep it up I think we got a pretty good chance of winning maybe the toughest division in the league to date.

    HAF: Can you give me a few examples that stick out in your mind as
    highlights of your WHL career so far?

    BM:-The longest game of my life was the second round of the playoffs against the Tigers it was triple OT and they scored with only a few seconds left. I also remember my first WHL game playing in front of 11,000 people on a night where they were honoring Gordie Howe

    Would you rather set up a pretty goal or poke in an ugly one? Whatísthe prettiest goal you've seen so far this year?

    BM:-To me a goal is a goal. I would rather get the goal that comes at the time when my team needs it most. Kruise Reddick scored a great goal making a beautiful move on the d man and then a nice finish. What made it so good was the fact that it was a tie game with only a minute left.

    HAF: Whats in your
    ipod right now?

    BM:-I like the White Stripes right now. CCR is a close second. It changes weekly

    HAF: Everyone knows that in the WHL there is no such thing as an easy
    two points. Any teams that you kind of dread to see on the schedule or do you just prepare for every game the same way? Who do you look forward to seeing on the schedule?

    BM: We know that any time we face off against our divisional rival the Spokane Chiefs it's going to be a war, especially with our two teams being so close for the top spot in the league. I guess the team that I would want to play would be the Portland Winterhawks.

    HAF: With all of the rule changes the last few years are there any of
    them you would like to see changed back?

    BM:-I like most of the changes they have implemented it gives players like me a lot more room to play the game. Iím not a huge fan of getting a penalty for shooting it out of the rink.

    What was one of the best off ice team building things that you have done where you just had a blast?

    BM:-We had a great game of paintball early on in the year everyone really got into it. I think I still have welts on me.

    HAF: What advice would you give a youngster playing youth hockey to help
    them reach their goals and dreams?

    BM:-Work hard and make sure the game is always fun.

    Lets say you've just helped the Ams win their first Memorial Cuptrophy. Some guys would be yelling "I'm going to Disneyland." What would Blair Macaulay's dream vacation be?

    BM:-I would be heading to the slopes to do a little skiing

    HAF: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us here at, is there anything you would like to say to the fans in theTri Cities?

    BM:-Thank you for supporting our team and showing off your Ams colors. We hope to bring an overdue championship to this city in the upcoming year.

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    Icon32 Great Job HAF

    Keep them coming, it's always awesome to get a player's perspective.

    Peace Out
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