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Thread: 20 questions with Jarrett Toll

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    Default 20 questions with Jarrett Toll

    Tri City Americans defensemen Jarrett Toll took some time out if his busy hockey schedule to sit down and share some of his thoughts with WHLFANS.CA. We would like to thank Jarrett and the Americans for allowing us the privelage of getting to know him.

    1. Jarrett, You have really seemed to have come into your own this year. You are proving to be an important fixture on the blueline and a leader for some of the younger players. What has been the biggest factor in this teams success so far this year?

    JT -I'd say the biggest factor for our teams success so far has been our work ethic aswell as our team chemistry. When you have a group of guys that are willing to go the distance for eachother, you usually have a pretty successful group.

    2.The team seems to have just a ton of chemistry out on the ice. Doesthis chemistry follow you guys off the ice as well? Are you a prettytight knit group?

    JT -It definitely follows us off the ice. This is probably the closest group of guys I've ever played on a team with.

    3.What was one of the best off ice team building things that you have done where you just had a blast?

    JT -Paintballing by far. We didn't really follow the game rules, just went around shooting each other. Lots of fun.

    4.The fans in the Tri Cities have been waiting on a division bannerfor 20 years now. Is this the year?

    JT -I think we have a chance at a banner for sure. If we play like we did in the first half, I don't think there will be too many teams able to beat us.

    5.What kinds of things do you enjoy away from the game? Do you haveanyhobbies?

    JT -Lacrosse is one of my other passions. I'm also known to rock out pretty hard on Guitar Hero.

    6. WHL locker rooms and bus trips are notorious for pranks and gags.What are a few of the best pranks you've seen and who is the best pranksteron the team?

    JT -Haven't really seen that many this year but one of the good ones is telling someone the camera crew is waiting for an interview from them. The person usually skates over and the camera guy just kind of gives him a weird look like, "what are you doing here?"

    7. Other than the Toyota Center of course, what is your favorite barntoplay in on the road and what makes it unique?

    JT -I love playing in Spokane . Playing in front of that many fans is always great, especially when they're all cheering against you. Kind of gets you pumped up.

    8. Are you a superstitious guy at all? Do you have any game day ritualsthat are an absolute must?

    JT -Not really. An afternoon nap is usually the only thing I do before most games.

    9.What person has inspired you the most in the game of hockey?

    JT -Mostly my family. They were the ones that got me into the sport in the first place. They sacrificed a lot of time to take me to the rink, especially for those early 6am practices back when I was younger.

    10. Other than the obvious,playing pro hockey, what types of career paths do you have interest in for the future?

    JT -Haven't really worried about it too much, just trying to focus on hockey. If I had to choose now I'd say something in the business/technology fields.

    11.Can you give me a few examples that stick out in your mind ashighlights of your WHL career so far?

    JT -I'd say my first goal and my first fight. Both were really exciting times for me.

    12.Would you rather set up a pretty goal or poke in an ugly one? Whatsthe prettiest goal you've seen so far this year?

    JT -Probably poke in an ugly one. I don't score that much so I'll take whatever I can get. The prettiest goal i've seen this year has to be when Yellow dangled two defenseman with the exact same move then went shelf against Chilliwack.

    13. Everyone knows that there is no such thing as an easy two points in this league. Who do you look forward to seeing on the schedule and who do you kind of dread seeing? Do you prepare for all opponents the same or are there some variations?

    JT -I don't dread playing anyteams but I love playing in Vancouver and Chilliwack. Both places are pretty close to my mom so I usually have a bunch of friends and family in the crowd.

    14. Whats in your ipod right now? Anything special to help get you upfor a game?

    JT -Rise Against is a great pump up band, along with some Iron Maiden.

    15.With all of the rule changes the last few years are there any ofthem you would like to see changed back?

    JT -The only rule I want them to get rid of is the delay of game call for shooting the puck over the glass in your own end. I don't think a play that is usually accidental should be able to hurt a team by putting a guy in the box.

    16.What advice would you give a youngster playing youth hockey to helpthem reach their goals and dreams?

    JT -Work as hard as you can every practice and every game and good things will happen.

    17. I'm going to give you a quote, please give me what your interpretaion of that quote. "It's not about the name bar on the back, it's about the logo on the front".

    JT -Team success before individual success. When you have team success, individual success usually isn't too far behind.

    18. What are some of your favorite sports teams? NHL,CFL,NFL,MLB...etc.?

    JT -The Vancouver Canucks of the NHL, and the Toronto Rock of the NLL (National Lacrosse League).

    19. Lets say you've just helped the Ams win their first Memorial Cuptrophy. Some guys would be yelling "I'm going to Disneyland ." WhatwouldJarrett Toll's dream vacation be?

    JT -Somewhere hot with lots of beaches.

    20. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us here, is there anything you would like to say to your fans in theTri Cities?

    JT -Thanks for all the support! I look forward to a great second half!

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    Thumbs up Nice One!

    Good idea and good interview HAF. Were you doing the interviewing? After reading this, I thought to myself that I could have done the same thing with REAL CYR of the COUGARS over the Christmas break.

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    Default Thoughts for future interviews?

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    Nice job Haf. Interesting interview.

    His name is awfully familiar to Jarret stoll of the oilers:P

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