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Thread: 20 questions with Brett Plouffe

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    Default 20 questions with Brett Plouffe

    Tri City Americans defensemen Brett Plouffe took some time out if his busy hockey schedule to sit down and share some of his thoughts with WHLFANS.CA. We would like to thank Brett and the Americans for allowing us the privelage of getting to know him.

    1. Brett, you have really become an important fixture on the Americans Blueline this year. What has your overall impression of hockey in the Tri Cities been so far?

    BP- So far I've really come to love the tri-cities. It's a lot different than Winnipeg temperature and weather wise but still a great place to live and play hockey. Hockey-wise it's great, the fans are loud, and even when there's only 3000 in the Toyota Center it can sounds like its full to the rafters when we score.

    2.Compared to the Canadian barns, are the U.S. Division fans as rowdy and loud as they say? Is there anything that caught you off guard?

    BP- It's hard to say if there's really a difference playing in the US barns. Obviously a place like Everett is wild, and when we go to Spokane they always seem to sell out. But so far it seems to me that most of the rinks are fairly similar across the league, and as of now nothing has caught me off guard.

    3.Other than the Toyota Center of course, what is your favorite barn to play in on the road and what makes it unique?

    BP- My favorite rink to play in other that the Toyota Center is probably the Saddledome in Calgary . For starters I played there last year with the Hitmen, but also it makes you feel like a professional being in such a huge rink that can be loud too. Also, I know a lot of people from Calgary which makes it a little more homey than a lot of other places.

    4.The team seems to have just a ton of chemistry out on the ice. Does this chemistry follow you guys off the ice as well? Are you a pretty tight knit group?

    BP- Yeah this is one of the tightest knit hockey teams that I have ever played on. Guys always hang out at night time away from the rink, whether its dinner or a movie, or just watching the hockey game or playing football. One thing that's also gotten really big this year is Xbox. Six or seven guys this year bought or have Xbox's and a lot of online playing goes on there.

    5.What was one of the best off ice team building things that you have done where you just had a blast?

    BP- The best team building thing that i think we've done to date was paintballing. Just on a day off we all went out and peppered each other and just had a blast. We even stayed extra and bought extra paintballs from the people there so we could play longer.

    6.WHL locker rooms and bus trips are notorious for pranks and gags. What are a few of the best pranks you've seen so far?

    BP- So far this year I haven't seen that many pranks. Its not really the kind of thing guys do in our room. However in the past I have seen some good ones like filling up a hockey stick with water and freezing it or taping up someones clothes and hanging them from the roof of the dressing room or hall in a bale.

    7.The fans in the Tri Cities have been waiting on a division banner for 20 years now. Is this the year?

    BP- Statistically we have the best team in the history of the franchise, and with those kind of stats there is always hope for a banner. It is definately our goal as a team. We will just have to keep playing our game and our style and hopefully at the end of the season if all works out we might just have that banner.

    8.Are you a superstitious guy at all? Do you have any game day rituals that are an absolute must?

    BP- To tell the truth, no. I always tape both my sticks and wax them before every game, and go for a little run and a bike. But I try and stay away from absolute musts because then if they get broken they can mess up your entire game day.

    9.Whats in your ipod right now? Anything special to get you up for a game?

    BP- Not really. Actually, I listen to a little bit of everything. Country, rock, pop, rap, even some old stuff. I just love all kinds of music, and my favorite changes from month to month. Right now though it would have to be country.

    10.What kinds of things do you enjoy away from the game? Do you have any hobbies?

    BP- Away from the rink I like to do what all hockey players do. Play golf, watch tv and play video games. Sometimes I'll go to the mall and hang out with the guys or to the court club for a workout and some tennis. Nothing really too exciting away from the rink.

    11.Can you give me a few examples that stick out in your mind as highlights of your WHL career so far?

    BP-The best thing that I can think of in my career is going to the Eastern Conference final last year with the Calgary Hitmen. The tension and the excitement is impossible to describe. Other than that just watching Colton Yellow Horn do his magic sometimes is amazing. Everytime he touches the puck it seems something special is going to happen.

    12. Other than the obvious, playing pro hockey, what types of career paths do you have interest in for the future?

    BP- I hope one day that if hockey does not work out for me that I can be a doctor. I haven't made up my mind about what kind of doctor but I always loved science in high school and getting the chance to help people like that would be very rewarding.

    13. Everyone knows that there is no such thing as an easy two points in this league. Who do you look forward to seeing on the schedule and who do you kind of dread seeing? Do you prepare for all opponents the same or are there some variations?

    BP- All opponents are opponents, technically there should be no difference, but some games are obviously bigger than others. Spokane for example, our division rivals, and this year the top team in the league with us close behind is always an imporntant game and to us those are huge. There aren't really any teams we as a team dread to play becuase a game is a game, and you always look forward to playing games against rivals no matter who they may be.

    14. I'm going to give you a quote, please give me what your interpretaion of that quote is. "It's not about the name bar on the back, it's about the logo on the front".

    BP- In a team sport like hockey everyone has to play for the betterment of the team. You can't play for yourself or your goals. It's always about the team. If you have to sacrifice your body for your team to win that's what you must do.

    15.Would you rather set up a pretty goal or poke in an ugly one? What’s the prettiest goal you've seen so far this year?

    BP- In my case i would rather poke in an ugly one since I'm still lacking a goal in my WHL career. And the nicest goal I have seen this year is probably by Yellow Horn. A double one handed toe drag then a breakaway from the blueline in that he scored on.

    16.With all of the rule changes the last few years are there any of them you would like to see changed back?

    BP- Most of the rule that were changed I agree with. They open up the game and make it faster and more exctiting. However, the one rule I don't like is the penalty if you shoot the puck over the glass in your own end. I think it is unnecessary and should be changed back.

    17.What advice would you give a youngster playing youth hockey to help them reach their goals and dreams?

    BP- Be persistant and determined. Nothing in life comes easy and you have to make a lot of sacrifices to gain a career in hockey. If you can hold to your goal and be confident you can succeed and anything can happen.

    18.What are some of your favorite sports teams? NHL,CFL,NFL,MLB...etc.?

    BP- Other than hockey I don't really watch too many other sports. However, my favorite hockey team would have to be the Montreal Canadiens and lacrosse, my other favorite sport, my favorite team is the Calgary Roughnecks.

    19. What's your all time favorite movie quote?

    BP- "This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient. But I do love Fig Newtons.", Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights.

    20. Lets say you've just helped the Ams win their first Memorial Cup trophy. Some guys would be yelling "I'm going to Disneyland ." What would Brett Plouffe's dream vacation be?

    BP- I would love to go to a private beach. Away from the masses of tourists and poeple in Mexico with just my close family and friends and relax for a week or so. The hockey season gets stressfull and by the end of playoffs sometimes thats all you need is to just get away and have some peace. After you go as far as possible of course.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us here at and we wish you and the Ams all the best down the stretch.
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    I love the irony!!!! Right after doing this interview Plouffe gets his first WHL goal last night!!! Congrats Brett applause

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    Yea and what a timely goal at that! Maybe you gave him some luck...

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    and plouffe had another great game. i think yo should interview tj fast next maybe he can step it up a bit. although he's had good stats i just wanna see him check 1 person this season

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