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Thread: OHL/WHL To Begin Drug Testing

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    Default OHL/WHL To Begin Drug Testing

    OHL, WHL to begin drug testing this season

    Aug 19, 2008 04:30 AM

    Peeing in a cup is going to be as much a part of life in the OHL as scoring goals, taking penalties and riding buses. The OHL and WHL are joining the QMJHL this year by introducing random drug tests for their players.

    Players testing positive for substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, including steroids and cocaine, will find themselves sanctioned by their league.

    The OHL is following up on its program, first announced in October 2006. At that time it was reported that, depending on the substance, a doping violation could cost a player between five and 10 games for a first offence. A positive test could also result in a ban from international play, such as the world juniors or world championships.

    Tests will be random and players will be chosen by officials from the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports. The QMJHL has had one positive test, for the banned substance ephedrine, in four years; the player was suspended for eight games.

    "It's been good," said QMJHL commissioner Gilles Corteau. "Now players know we're doing testing."

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    Why couldn't they have done this sooner? I could have had my dad believing Spence was on steroids for way longer. Oh well, it was still the best April Fool's Day joke ever. Especially when he was so good in the playoffs against Kootenay.
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    So no more sudafeds to counter the flu? I can see steroids, HGH, that kind of thing being banned. But I dont get banning a big chunk of the cold & flu remedies available, especially in a team sport. Its not like the whole team takes them to pick it up a notch. You might have a couple guys taking sudafeds one night just to hang in there. Thats about it. An 8 game suspension in the Q seems pretty outrageous for that.

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