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Thread: Ex Wheat Kings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandonite
    How the hell do you even find most those names out?? I havent even heard of most those guys or those leagues!! Some of those leagues sound like bush/beer leagues! haha
    I've been following the W'kings since I was 4 and I had a family member apart of the organization many years ago, so I was around the team often, and yeah I'm not finished yet but a couple of those are like beer league.

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    Marty Murray - Manchester(or whoever LAs AHL team is)

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    Maybe you should put a * or something next to the guys that are still with the Wheat Kings but not playing with them yet (like DePape...seeing as this is an Ex-Wheaties thread).

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    Excellent list.

    All-Time Favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagley
    Excellent list.
    Yeah that is pretty darn impressive. Alot of the names you mentioned arent even on hockeydb anymore so how you found that info out is pretty good!! Any idea where Chris Dingman or Justin Kurtz are these days?! I know they were both in europe but im not sure if they still are. Also, where did Rick Kozak and Corey Courchene end up this season?! I could see Kozy ending up in that NAHL league!

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    Speaking of former wheat kings...Daniel Bartek (Everett) had a great game last night, scoring 3 goals to lead the Tips to victory. And Joe Caliguri got his first start lastnight for P.G. and got the win. Great to see the former guys finding new homes and being successful

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    Anyone got a bottle opener?

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    Bartek has 14 points in just 10 games with Everett. He's gonna blow past his totals hes ever gotten in the Dub at this rate. If only he was 19, he would look great in a wheaties uniform this year and help so much!

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    Well Tyler Dittmer appears to be playing for his 3rd team in 2 months after agreeing to go play for the Manitoba Bisons University. About time he realized thats the best choice for him! He got released from a Germany team less than a month in, and then went to the CHL and played for the Wichita Thunder, but I have no clue what happened there...

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    Checking up on a couple recent ex wheat kings and noticed Tyler Plante & Codey Burki are both playing in the ECHL. Plante was playing on a brutal Rochestar Americans team in the AHL and they were awful as well last year. His GAA in rochester this year were like 5.10 and he was 0-5 so was sent down to the ECHL but i hardly doubt he is the problem! They have only won maybe 5 games all year so far! And Burki just cant get things going and is goaless in 10+ games so far in the ECHL and looks like he is falling further down the depth chart for colorado. Reaves is having a good start in the AHL, as is Ryan Stone.

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