I posted this over in the Tips Grey forum as well ....

For fun, let's look at our team, and try and match them up with current (and maybe some past) NHLers. Who do our guys remind you of? Were they to make the show, what types of players would they be ?

Here's a bunch, to get you started ....

Mitch Love - Ed Jovanovski (The early years). A rugged defenseman, known for pounding hits, and would drop the gloves with anyone. Has matrued into a very solid defensive defenseman, and has developed a scoring touch and heavy shot. Mitch has followed this exact same progression in the WHL, and should he make to the NHL, would likely once again be a PIM guy first, and mature into a true defenseman again.

Taylor Ellington - He's sure setting himself up to be the next Bryan Marchment. Big Hitter, Glove Dropper. Needs to refine his defensive game a bit before he earns the respect of the opposition, but if he continues to improve his game, and gets stronger (scary), he could be a very, very tough customer, AND one that you can count on to shut down a 2 on 1, 3 on 2, or work the penalty kill. Remember the old Marchment / McGillis pairing .... too bad Mitch is an OA, I'd like to see Mitch and Taylor out there together for a season. Talk about nobody wanting to go into the corners !

Cody Thoring - A defensman's defenseman. Very much in the mold of a Mark Howe. He's not going to light up the scoreboard, but at just -1 in 44 games, and with only 33 PIMs, he's not putting us into bad situations, and he's doing his job out there, better than most people realize, and playing at a high level but very much under the radar.

Shaun Heshka - There might be a little of Paul Coffee in this guy ... has always been a good Defenseman, but he's been showing some good wheels, and a wicked shot.

Jonathon Harty - Assuming he stays up on offense .... 5 years, 30 pounds, and 4 inches from now (and a few more years on a line with Zach Hamill) and you're looking at Jarome Iginla. He's got the speed and determination, and has shown flashes of the skills to be a goal scorer and setup man. A few more years with Z, and he's going to be one of those guys that'll beat the tar out of you on one shift, take a pounding in the slot or on the boards for you the next, and then come back and fake you out of your skates and roof one. Loads of potential, for a guy that already has the right mindset.

Zach Hamill - We haven't seen enough of Zach yet to really know how he's going to look in 2 or 3 years, but early on, he reminds me an awful lot of Tony Amonte, especially in his early days with Chicago. Depends on whether or not Zach gets taller, bigger or (God Forbid) quicker as to whether he turns into the next Martin St. Louis or more of a Michael Renberg type.

Karel Hromas - Jarri Kurri. Karel is deceptively big. He looks like Zach Hamill out there ... small, lightning quick, and serious moves, but he's 6'2/202 and growing. He's got a real scorers touch, has the size to take a pounding, and given the right linemates can be a 50 goal man.

Alex Leavitt - Absolutely reminds me of Mark Recchi. A bit undersized, a bit gritty, has a knack for finding the open man, becoming one of those "cogs in the machine" that people forget about, but all of a sudden have a ton of points.

Michael Wuchterl - The second coming of Matthew Barnaby? Small, Quicker than Hell, loves to hit, will go into the corner with anyone, fears nothing. Hasn't yet developed Baraby's smack talking/jawing yet, but that'll come.

Jeremy Creurer - He doesn't have the size or the touch yet, but assuming he grows and gets stronger, he's got one hell of a power-forward game in him. Reminds me a bit of an unrefined Chris Gratton. If he can grow into his game style, he'll be hell on the ice someday ... just don't fall into Gratton's mental game, please ...

Ivan Baranka - Al MacInnis. Big shot from the point, holds the line well, and just flat out plays solid all the damned time. He's a guy that you just never have to worry about.

Curtis Billsten - A bit inconsistant, but very Primeau like size, stamina, and ability. If he can improve himself mentally, and be "on board" every night, he can be every bit the player that he has the potential to be.

Torrie Wheat / Tyler Dietrich - Pick a Sutter any Sutter. These 2 remind me a lot of each other, and even more of the Sutter Brothers. Extremely well rounded ... can be tough, can be snipers, can be grinders, hard workin forecheck and backcheck ... the types of guys that you want out there on every penalty kill AND every powerplay. The guys you have on the ice when you're killing off a 5 on 3 with the goalie pulled with :30 to go to hold a lead, and also the ones you want out there to get things energized again. Call them muckers, grinders, assist men, or goal scorers ... they fit in perfectly to what the game and team need at any particular time.

There's a few guys that I didn't get to, mainly because I got tired ... or just don't have a good image to draw from immediately. What's your list look like ?