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Thread: Everett DAHL jersey lost in Halifax

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    Default Everett DAHL jersey lost in Halifax

    My 19 year old son, Bobby visited Halifax with his girlfriend, Nicole, over the holidays
    and they attended the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles/Halifax Mooseheads game on Jan 3,
    wearing borrowed WHL gameworn jerseys from Everett and Chilliwack.
    After the game they headed to local nightcubs, where he was told jerseys are not allowed
    - to avoid fights. He got escorted out the Liquor Dome for sneaking in the Tips jersey.
    Eventually, he wrapped it around him inside his parka. But while drinking at Bubble's Mansion,
    it got away from him.
    This is the only #17 Dahl Silvertips green jersey. Now it's lost and a search is underway.
    It's from Everett Silvertips' 03-04 inaugural season with lots of repairs and the 04 MC patch.
    #17 DAHL (CCM size 54).
    Bobby says they tried hard to find it with no luck. He felt really bad about it,
    so I told him, 'it's just an old sweater, don't even think about it'.
    After all, I had suggested he take the gamers along to the game in the Q.
    PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IT and help return it to its owner (REWARD)

    Thanks, Woody (Arlington WA) 206.419.8950

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    That sucks, good to hear he was wearing it at a Q game though! Hehe, hope you get it returned to you.

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