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Thread: Wut is parker thinking

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    Default Wut is parker thinking

    You guys are selling the farm on a year where you dont stand a chance i love it hahaha?Gonna take alot more then those two guys to give regina a shot

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    I wouldnt say that.... Parker will be making at least 1 more move as well maybe 2..... It all depends who you match up against in the playoffs if we finish 4th or 5th we could very well play Medicine Hat who are veyr beatable actually any team from 4th to 8th are all beatable. We have played saskatoon & Brandon both solid this year, yes we havent beaten Brandon yet but the only game was wasnt close was the Pats 2nd game of the year when we lost 3-0, the other games we lost 8-7 & 6-4 & in each game we game them big leads but battled back to make it close.... the Pats arnt a bad team like your saying, if the Pats can find a solid Dman dont count the Pats out. We have the guys who really step it up come playoff time Teubert, Delahey, Leffler, Orfino, Eberle & Strueby all are big performers come playoffs they play very physical just ask swift current.

    Your just choked cuz u cant get the best player in all of junior hockey now in Jordan Eberle

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    I aint mad at all actually very happy cause i never wanted mcrimmon to mess with our top sic at all there the best top 6 in the whl!!!Id rather get more depth up front and on the back end and we will be just fine!!!Hope to see you guys in the play-offs hahahah

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