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Thread: WEBTV Experience?

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    Iconwhl WEBTV Experience?

    Dub-fans! What is your opinion on the quality of WHL WEBTV?

    As an avid WHL fan, I love the concept, but I have just cancelled my annual subscription to WHL WEBTV. Whether I am at home on high speed internet, or using WiFI out of town or out of country, I am almost always ready to slit my wrists or pitch my laptop by the time the game I want to watch is over.

    My typical experience: Late starting broadcasts, constant 'Buffering' problems resulting in choppy picture, poor quality video overall (unrecognizable player numbers), poor sound (no sound)... and no INSINC tech support ever responds/corrects issues.

    I am convinced that the owners/operators are aware that it doesn't work properly and that they aren't doing anything to fix it because no one complains about it.

    Does anyone have good experiences with this 'service?'

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    Default webtv

    i have ordered the webtv service on a monthly basis over the years.The service is dissapointing as key games that i would have liked to have watched had problems.Problems such as no picture, grainy feed , no sound.It happens on a regular basis.I would have no problem using webtv more often if they could fix problems.

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    I have never had any real significant problems with it. The audio one time in Swift had this screaming sound the whole time, and I had to mute it, but aside from that it has always been fine.

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    I too Have been disapointed by this service in the past...but...i still use the service quite regular. As for quality and service I sent an E-mail to insinc last year after a aggrevating 2.5 hrs of a game and the company reimbursed my credit card for that game anyways. I would order a season package from these guys if they could improve the service for sure.

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    When watching a road game, you always have to listen to the home game play by play. The "homer" comments by some teams makes it hard to listen to. Should I mute that audio and pipe in the home audio, the 8-10 (or more) second gap makes it impossible enjoy the broadcast. If this gap were removed, I am sure there would be more of us that would pay for the opportunity to cheer on our locals.

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    Who runs or looks after the programing. i have had problems, but it was nice to watch a game while in Las Vegas!! Cost an arm and leg, plus my first born as i didnt realize the roaming charges of the air card i had...ooops! 970 dollars for 2 games but thats my fault. good service if the bugs and some sort of quality control was implimented
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    Default WHL Live game video

    Any better product this year??
    A WHL referee should be an invisible protector of the integrity of the game. One should not know his name nor know that he was there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richie69 View Post
    Any better product this year??
    still terrible...same issues as stated

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    im 6 games into my whl webcast experience & i can honestly say i have had virtually no problems besides with ordering taking awhile to do so i try to do it a good 30mins before start time.

    the worst feed i have came across was in lethbridge but it wasnt even that bad to be honest the biggest complaint is as soon as the whistle blows within a split second they are putting up some ad that has been up 30 times already it seems.

    In PA they tend to zoom in a tad too much on the puck carrier where u cant see a play develop much, but still watchable.

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