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    Default 11 games left

    after watching the weekend games vs vancouver and brandon the playoffs and a long run for saskatoon will all depend on special teams.

    the blades would have probably beat the giants if they could have scored on the powerplay. their one powerplay goal made a big difference against brandon.

    the blades once unbeatable defense and goaltending has taken a hit with the injuries. the teams goals against is now no better than many teams in the conference.

    the blades goals for shows how adding a player like viedensky makes a big difference. only brandon and medicine hat stand head and shoulders better at scoring than the rest of the conference.

    it was parents weekend this past weekend. lots of talk in the building. sounds like gogol will be ready soon. hamilton could be ready i heard both the first and second rounds of the playoffs, i guess we'll see which one is right. also sounded like zahn's injury was too serious to keep him from returning this year.

    saskatoon can beat teams like brandon, calgary, medicine hat, or kootenay if they can turn the series into a street fight, and it keep it from being a track meet. the blades can't run and gun with those teams.

    overall after the three games this week i'm feeling more positive about the teams chances of advancing to the second round, and who knows what happens then.

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    Default injury situation

    I have it on good authority that Zahn has already started to ride the exercise bike and could be ready for the playoffs, just not sure which round...maybe the first or second.

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    if zahn were to return for the second round that would be incredible. it would probably take him sometime to play into game shape.

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    that would be a huge addition!

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