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Thread: 2010 bantam draft

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    Default 2010 bantam draft

    Time to start talking about the draft. Hopefully the Pats have done their homework and are looking at this draft as a building block, not as assets. I am still a little miffed at the Balog trade last year.
    Here is the way that I look at it:

    Round 1 - 5th over all - Most polls have the Pats selecting Klimchuck, good choice. That is assuming that Forsberg, Bowey and Morrisey are already gone. I also like Jesse Lees a d-man from Alberta for this pick.

    Round 3 - 2 picks (47th & 49th) - deep draft, the Pats will pick up some quality players at these picks. If they pick a forward with the first pick, one of these picks have to be a defensemen. Kids like King-Cunningham (from ND), Scheidl (Saskatoon) or Topping (Red Deer) fall this far, it is a no-brainer. For the 49th pick, I like a guy like MaGauley from Lumsden, Spagrud from SC or Mclean from the Moose Mountain Wild (all this kid does is score, 57 goals in 25 games).

    Round 5 & 6 - I think you have to take a goalie and a flyer. I think if Brett Harris from ND or Jarrett Fontaine from Humboldt are still around, take him. For a goalie, I like Brett Lewchuck (Saskatoon) or Tarayn Phaneuf (PA)

    Later Rounds - a ton of projects left in the draft. I would look for some depth players. A guy like Shane Teed -D from Regina (6'5" - 180 lbs), Ryer Sawchuck - D (6' - 170 lbs) or even someone like Liam Ginnell - C (5'11" - 155 lbs). All three came under the radar and had a decent year. I think Teed could be the most improved player, ever. And he is 6'5" at 14!!!

    My thoughts. Any more out there?

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    If they pick parker's kid with anything less than a very late round pick, Im done with this team.

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    How are the Pats doing so far?
    It is the lunch break and here is what they have so far.
    1st pick - 5th overall - Klimchuk - F- great safe pick, potential star
    2nd pick - 47th overall - Kyle Burroughs - D- again a good pick. It was a crap shoot if Burroughs would be around at 47th, but from all reports a very good player
    3rd pick - 67th overall - Colby Williams - D- I will admit that I don't know much about Williams. A bit of a gamble in my opinion.
    4th pick - 91st overall - Ty McLean - C - Might be a bit small to play center in the Dub. I love this pick. According to the Pats stats, has already put on a inch and 10 pounds. Could be the Eberle of this draft. 57 goals in 25 games. 57 GOALS!!!!
    5th pick - 102nd overall - Brett Harris - F - From ND. Again I love this pick. Was injured most of the year. At the beginning of the year he was rank in the top 30 on a lot of polls. I called him a sleeper and he is. If he can stay healthy, he will be an elite player in this league.

    Goaltenders seem to be the pick of the 4th and 5th round.

    Two kids from LA that were ranked high in the first round, Williams and Savage. Must want to go the college route.

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