i dont feel that there are any untouchables ,especially in junior hockey where you have a constant turnover of talent.Teams should be built to win with their 18.19 and twenty year old players.Lang looks to be on the right track with this team.Its too bad that Parker didnt move Tuebert and eberle last year but moving forward,am pleased that Lang feels that he can get a better 20 year old than Mappin =witness;153879]Wouldn't it be nice if the Pats were overachievers instead of underachievers??

I think it would come down to Davidson vs Carlson. I too would like to keep Davidson, way more consistant and can log more ice time as a 20. I think that Carlson's spot can be filled with Blidstrand and eventually Peel or Williams.

My untouchables include all of the 2010 class and: Bell, Peel, Sagen, Rodewald, Stevenson, Halbgewachs, Stephenson and Dryden Hunt (if you can get him signed). These are the players that the Pats need to build around. There are some veterns like Davidson, Mitchell and Gustafsson that I would like to keep around.

But, lets see how the season starts to unfold. The Pats youngsters have the ability to play over their heads (ie Eberle as a 16). A couple of injuries to some key players on other teams and how knows?[/QUOTE]