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Thread: 20 year olds

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    Default 20 year olds

    As it stands, the Pats have room for one 20 year old (maybe two). What kind of player should the Pats should be looking for? and Position? What 20 year old (in the dub) would you like to see in a Pats jersey?

    I think the Pats need some toughness especially with the small guys we have this year. Will it come from a 20 year old? If so. I would like to see us maybe go for Sena Acolatse. He's tough as they come and can play both D and Forward.

    Heres a couple 20 year olds that come to mind... Tyler Schmidt, Jeremy Boyer, Taylor Jordan, Randy McNaught and Tomas Heemskeerk (pardon my spelling???).

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    the Hockey News pick the Pats to come in 20th in the WHL.The Pats need a reliable veteran goalie that can steal games and they desperately need some size .There are far too many small players on this team.The team down the highway in Moose Jaw has way more size and toughness,heck so do most teams in the East.I would like to see the Pats go after a 2o year old goalie and a forward with size and toughness

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    In the end, the Pats need everything.

    I think with some of the cast offs from other teams, the Pats can do better than Mappin. I have been campaining for Tyler Schmidt since the end of last year. I just can't see TC giving him up, I think the odd man out is Pechursky (sp??) a goaltender.

    The bottom line is that there are other teams out there that would love to pick up an impact 20 at bargain basement prices. Everett, Kamploops and Lethbridge are bellow the quota.

    There are some interesting battles out there. I think that MJ is going to go with Bosch in net and Rowinski is a lock (in my mind), so that means that two of Edwards, Frazee,or Hood would be available. If Frazee and/or Hood do become available, I would imagine that there would be other teams taking a serious look.

    The most interesting is Saskatoon. With 8 - 20 year olds in camp, when the dust settles, there maybe some scraps to be had. Zahn and Viedinsky are locks and if Patterson comes back, he will be the third. That means that Boyer, Toomey and Acolatse could be moved. I would think that the Pats could look seriously at all three. Toomey would be a great fit, a center with size (6'4" & 209) decent hands and a penality killer. I have always liked Acolatse, a silent team guy that just does his job and Boyer is a skilled center.

    If you are looking for a goaltender. Pickings are slim. I guess you would have to look at Red Deer. either Barnstable or Kuemper will be released. PG has two 20 year old goal tenders, but I don't think it would be an upgrade to what the Pats have right now.

    There maybe a couple of d-man let go. Suer (MJ), Dobrowodski (PG), Haber (RD), Aschim (Cal), or even Bobee (SC) might be options. I would even look at Bestland from Brandon.

    Whatever options are available, it will cost the Pats list players or draft picks, and right now those are pretty valuable.

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    Whats unfortunate is that Sask and MJ are right in the division, and therefore are unlikely to trade their decent/great 20s to a division rival unless we overpay. Its too bad, because I like Hood's game and Acolatse might be a great fit with the versatility.

    And Witness, it seems that there are actually quite a bit of available 20 year old goaltenders this season, and probably not enough teams looking to take. Brandon and Red deer each have 2 at camp, CHI EVE and KOOT each have 1 thats likely to go, same with Saskatoon, Tri City and maybe moose jaw. Along with us, it looks like only vancouver, and maybe Lethbridge and/or PA are possibly looking. I hope Lang gets a head start and picks up either Heemskerk/Mathews for a 5th or so, but realistically speaking we will probably wait until the deadline or if Ketlo really craps the bed, maybe a bit earlier.

    Defence on the other hand, looking at the rosters, there doesnt seem to be much available. I assume the pats want a bruiser, and that might be hard to come by. Maybe a 19 year old that fits that type is more possible?

    Honestly, I just hope somethings done.

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    please Some Arrogant Jerk,i hope that you are not correct , when you feel that the Pats will hold tight till the trade deadline with their goalies.Lang must assert himself and mould this team into one that he feels can compete on a daily basis.There looks to be at least a half dozen goalies available right now that would be an instant upgrade.Giving up a mid round draft pick or a prospect would be a fair exchange .Good luck to Lang ,as there are alot of directions he may take to upgrade this team

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    So what prospect do you propose the Pats give up? Burroughs? McLean? Parrington? They have already committed draft picks from the 2011 draft. Parker traded 2 of the top 4 picks from the 2009 draft. Let's face it boys, the Pats' cupboard is bare.

    I thought the Pat's 2010 draft class was outstanding. If they give up any of those players right now, I will be pissed. The fact of the matter is the Pats are just not good enough this year and no matter who they pick up in the 20 year old category will not make them a contender for the league title.

    I think that it is safe to assume that the Pats will be 'sellers' this year. I would be shocked to see Ashton, Davidson, and Hutt in Pats uniforms after the trade deadline. And as much as I don't like to say it, the Pats' player that will get the biggest return would be Weal. Could that be a possibility?

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    IMO the Pats have no chance in contending, but I would like to see them be competitive this year.

    PLEASE no more trading prospects or early round draft picks! Parkers butt-head moves put us back for the next few years... Lethbridge could possibly get the first pick overall. Then Parker keeps Ebs and Teubs instead of trading them, when we weren't even in a play-off spot??? Our cupboards could've been full, but let's not ponder on the past (thou it still stings), just don't give up anymore future.

    Yes at the deadline trade everyone, and thou I'd hate to say it too, that includes Weal. He would most definitely give us the biggest return. We would prolly get back our first rounder back for Ashton (but not close to 1st overall).

    What u think?

    GO Pats!!

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    If we can do exactly what Moose Jaw did with their team last year, Id be happy. They played solid most of the year, traded their top player at the deadline for a big package in return, and went to the playoffs with what they had and took the hitmen to 7 games.

    Of course Id like to see the pats go as far as possible. The 2nd round would be nice for a change(or just making the playoffs), but being realistic right now and looking at some of the other teams, I agree that we are projected to be sellers.

    I dont like the idea of trading Weal, unless we get ALOT back. I can deal with trading almost everyone else on the roster except Bell. As far as Im concerned, Ashton should probably get a head start and pack his bags now, since theres no way he is back as a 20, but Id like to keep Davidson who might just be. Unless Hutt finds the ability to play more than 20 games in a row without getting an injury, he is probably worth more to us than as trade bait.

    I can speculate all I want, but its best to see how things shake out. Stranger things have happened than teams like the pats surprising.

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    I can speculate all I want, but its best to see how things shake out. Stranger things have happened than teams like the pats surprising.
    Wouldn't it be nice if the Pats were overachievers instead of underachievers??

    I think it would come down to Davidson vs Carlson. I too would like to keep Davidson, way more consistant and can log more ice time as a 20. I think that Carlson's spot can be filled with Blidstrand and eventually Peel or Williams.

    My untouchables include all of the 2010 class and: Bell, Peel, Sagen, Rodewald, Stevenson, Halbgewachs, Stephenson and Dryden Hunt (if you can get him signed). These are the players that the Pats need to build around. There are some veterns like Davidson, Mitchell and Gustafsson that I would like to keep around.

    But, lets see how the season starts to unfold. The Pats youngsters have the ability to play over their heads (ie Eberle as a 16). A couple of injuries to some key players on other teams and how knows?

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    Default Mappin Cut today

    Looks like we need 2 20 yo's now
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