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Thread: 20 year old goalies

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    Quote Originally Posted by whlking View Post
    I'd prefer that we acquire Stanford as our extra 20, and then trade Ashton to Kootenay for the likes of defenceman Jeff Hubic(Regina kid), plus others.

    I really hope u drop this whole thing with Stanford soon.... no way in hell will the Pats get Stanford & dont hold ur breath at all for the Pats picking up a 20 yr old goalie at all.

    If/when the Pats decide to use up there final 20 yr old spot look for it to be a Dman where the Pats are very weak. You can have any top goalie between the pipes but if your defense allows quality chances on a regular basis it wont matter who is between the pipes.

    I do think Ashton will be dealt but wont be til around xmas time or trade deadline when he would be worth alot more in a trade. There is no need for the Pats to keep him around even if we are battling for a final playoff spot he is still pointless for us to keep.

    Man i wish dumb ass Parker would of swallowed his pride last year & traded Eberle & Tuebert.

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    Patsdude, I agree with your last point about Parker being a dumba$$, but he has no pride.

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    the pats could also use a forward as they are a two line team, the bottom 2 lines are hardly a threat as hunt even put the 4th line on the pp tonight , the team can only get better

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